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How to apply for a Visa to the New Zealand



Despite its location on the edge of the world, New Zealand adheres to European visa regulations. The New Zealand Immigration Service website allows you to apply for a visa online. The time it takes to get a visa isn’t exactly short: 14 days if you submit your documents through a travel agency, and up to 30 days if you go it alone. 

In this article, we will tell you what you need to apply for New Zealand eTA. A New Zealand ETA is valid for 2 years and can be used for multiple visits.

1. Electronic questionnaire

The questionnaire is filled out in English. If there is no user activity for 10 minutes, the questionnaire closes automatically without saving. At the end of each section, the questionnaire can be saved and completed later.

2. Scan of the main page of the passport

Color scan of the main page of the passport with information and a photo. The desired scan quality is at least 300 dpi (300 dpi).

3. Digital photography

A digital original photograph is required. The scanned photo will not work. File format should be .jpg or .jpeg;

4. Certificate of employment / Sponsorship letter

A certificate of employment must be issued on the letterhead of the employing company and must contain the following data:

  • contact details of the employer (full name of the company, address, phone number, email address) the title of your position;
  • date of commencement of work in the company;
  • monthly (or yearly) earnings.

A certificate from the place of work must be certified by the signature of an authorized person, as well as the seal of the company.

5. Bank Statement 

A very important point – you need to demonstrate that you have enough money to pay for the trip, accommodation, expenses for staying in the country. Most New Zealand visa denials are due to a lack of sufficient financial guarantees or lack of transparency in obtaining funds.

You must have at least 100 New Zealand dollars of funds available per day of stay. When applying for a trip, for example, for 14 days, you must have at least 1,400 New Zealand dollars.

If your trip is paid by a sponsor, then you need a certificate from the sponsor’s account.

6. Bank statement with the movement of funds for 6 months

It is necessary to confirm that you (or your sponsor) regularly receive funds, i.e. show the natural origin of the funds indicated in other documents. For this, it is required to provide a bank statement with the movement of funds for the last 6 months.

7. Ticket booking

Attach the ticket reservation or redeemed ticket.

8. Copy of previous New Zealand visas

If you have previously received a visa to New Zealand, please attach a color copy of it.

9. Copy of marriage certificate

If you are married, please attach a color scan of this certificate, as well as a certified English translation. Self-translation will not be accepted.

10. Additional documents that you consider necessary to provide

If you have an invitation from a New Zealand company, a hotel reservation, a certificate of ownership or any other document that you think should be attached to your visa application, then you can upload scan(s) of this document(s) (s) in this subsection of the online questionnaire.