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How to be More Green



There are many ways to be eco-friendly. There are many steps like solar paneling and smaller steps, like switching off power when not in use.

The talk of going green may sound hard to other people. But think about it in this perspective: if we all came to one understanding and decided to take small steps that would greatly help. Most things start at home, and this is no different. Here are the ways you can be greener by

  1. Avoid leaving everything on standby mode

You can find it a nuisance to always switch off the plug and turn everything off. Little do you know that electric appliances still drain energy even when idle as long as they remain plugged to the power source. Be wise to conserve the energy and switch everything off when not in use.

  1. Limit your laundry.

I’m not saying you avoid washing your clothes or start being dirty, No. uses the washing machine on a timely basis and only when you need to. Some items of clothing like woolen and jeans do not need washing often. You can try airing out your clothes instead.

  1. Be mindful of what you buy.

Think carefully before making a purchase. You can choose to buy things less often. You can use the money to buy more sustainable goods that last. To get sustainable, you avoid consumption. If you do not need it, do not take it. Stick to buying things that you love and will get used in several years and pass trends.

  1. Get crafty

Get creative and utilize that side to help you buy less. Get industrious and learn how to manufacture things. The simple things will help you cut your expenditure.

  1. Don’t throw things without second thinking.

You are free to throw things away if they break down or stop working. Before you make that decision first, find out if it can get fixed or mended. You can teach yourself how to repair things. You can find DIY courses online and acquire some new skills. Many people trash valuables when it needs a simple fix. If you can’t do it yourself, then look for a local who can help.

  1. Have your garden

It is a great way to reduce the waste that comes with the packaging of goods at the grocery store. You can start your garden with a few herbs. All you require are a few pots and to fill them up with soil and the plants or seeds. Once you start, you may get inspire and do a whole garden.

  1. Use more energy-efficient appliances.

If your energy bills are rocketing or your appliances are a bit archaic, you probably need an upgrade. Modern appliances have settled in the market with boasting energy-efficient designs. Check out the store one of these days and get yourself an upgrade.

  1. Keep warm like a pro.

Find a way in which you can become industrious to keep yourself warm without having to set up an electric heater or light up the fireplace. Block heat pathways like unused chimneys. You can also incorporate the use of floor rugs and carpets to keep your feet warm. Fill up your furniture with soft and warm pillows to keep you cozy at any time of the day.