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How to Choose the Right Barstool for Your Home



Barstools are one of those pieces that many don’t put much thought into when purchasing. The seating for the dining and kitchen table often gets ranked higher on the importance scale. That’s because these areas are used for group gatherings, so comfort and style are heavily considered. Barstools are usually an afterthought, and as long as they’re the right height, the other features don’t matter. 

Fortunately, today’s barstools come in so many different styles and colors that they no longer have to just serve as functional pieces; they can be fashionable as well. Let’s look at a few ways to jazz up your space with a new set of barstools.

Before the shopping begins, you’ll need to take measurements. One of the most important aspects of searching for the right barstool is its height. If it’s not the right height, your household members will find themselves either sitting too low or too high. Everyone should be able to reach the counter and enjoy their meal or drink comfortably. 

Counter height stools should be between 24-26 inches high, while bar height stools should be 28-33 inches high. Once you have your measurements, you’ll know which height would be best for your home. Stools that allow you to adjust the height work great if you have both a counter and a bar. That way, seats can be moved and used with both pieces. 

The next step is to determine what style of chair you want. The chairs in a bar stool set either come fixed or with a swivel feature. Swivel stools are convenient for anyone with mobility issues but not great for small children. The risk for injury is higher for kids when they use a swivel stool rather than a fixed one. Prevent any potential dangers if you have children and opt for a fixed set of stools. 

Should the chair have an open or closed back? Or should it have a back at all? Traditional barstools don’t have backs, but they have different seating options. You can choose from cushioned, hard surface, or wicker seating. Cushioned seating allows you to choose an upholstery fabric to add a little pizazz to the design. Black leather is a classic choice, but you can also choose from polyester blends, cotton, wool, and more. 

A beautiful piece of carved wood makes for an aesthetically pleasing hard surface seat. Wicker seating is right for coastal designs or bars on your deck or patio. When you choose a stool without a back, the base becomes an important part of the design. Whether wood, plastic, or metal, choose what blends with the existing décor.

Modern and contemporary stools have backs, giving the chair an inviting look. Adding upholstery just upgrades the feel of the piece and adds comfort. A fully upholstered stool is padded all over with cushioning, which is extremely comfortable. They allow you to sit back and relax while enjoying a lively conversation with friends.