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How to create your own font by using font customization



If you are making a new website, then it is going to be a long yet exciting process. You have to make many changes and buy fonts for commercial use. The most tiring and tedious process part is choosing the font. It gets really confusing to choose between fonts sometimes. And many times, it happens that no font is attracting you. At that time, you start to think that you should have your own customized font according to your requirements and preferences. You just have to keep in consideration some of the important points while making your customized font, and here they are:

Consider your website first

If you want to make a customized font design, you must think about your website, like what type of website it is. Is it about mental health? Is it for the children? Or is it some serious or maybe funny type website? Think of these questions and then think about the font. You cannot put a childish font that is full of designs on the mental health website. This will look way out of line and context, and people will not connect with you.

Take help from the internet

Nowadays, nothing is difficult as the internet has got everyone covered. Do you want some techniques regarding a project? Simply Google it, and you will see a range of options that you can pick. Same, you can apply for the font because if you want to know how to create, Google is there to help you. In this way, you can get the latest ideas and help from the tutorials. The tutorials will also tell you about the websites that permit you to create a customized font.

Make use of strokes

You must know the use of the strokes if you are making a customized font. If you use the strokes, the process gets adaptable because it can handle as many as 26 letters at a time. This is the adaptability of this feature. IF you know the use of this feature, then you can make changes anytime during the process, or even if you are midway and want to slightly change the width, the strokes can do that for you. You can change the shapes from the corners like you can also change the shape b to the d.

Upload it to the WordPress

Once you have created your customized font, you should write a paragraph to check how it would look if you write a paragraph from this font. That is when you need WordPress; open the word press and write a paragraph to analyze the attraction of your font. If it looks good enough, then do the rest of the processing. If it does not look desirable enough, then you should analyze where you went wrong during the process.


You can find a multitude of fonts on every website, but it is not necessary that any font can attract you. So, try making your customized font by going through the told process.

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