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How to Deal With the Minimum Order Amount on Alibaba



When you are selling on Alibaba, you must understand the minimum order amount. The quantity of an order is usually 50 pieces. You can buy a lower amount of product, but you can’t sell more than 50 pieces in a month. It does help prevent scams. Listed below are some tips for dealing with Alibaba’s minimum order requirement. 

Trade Assurance

You can use Trade Assurance to protect yourself against supplier defaults and payment delays. However, this insurance is valid for orders placed with suppliers that have signed up for the program. You can identify Trade Assurance-covered suppliers and products by their logo. Each supplier has a set minimum order amount that must be reached before the coverage kicks in. This limit is based on the supplier’s qualification status and historical sales volume.

The minimum order amount that Alibaba imposes is not an issue if you have Trade Assurance. This free service protects your orders until they reach their destination. Moreover, it ensures you that your order will be fulfilled. You can even get your money back if the supplier fails to deliver the goods.

You should take note of the minimum order amount when you first place an order on Alibaba. A minimum order amount is necessary to prevent your supplier from delivering defective products. But if you don’t have enough money for an initial order, you can always order samples before making a larger purchase. 

If you want to take advantage of Trade Assurance, be sure to choose a supplier who is registered. A member of the program will provide a guarantee for your order and payment. In fact, if the supplier does not have Trade Assurance, he or she may be a fake. This is why it is important to make sure your supplier is verified before buying from them.

Background check

You may want to perform a background check for Alibaba suppliers before you work with them.  Alibaba provides many ways to review suppliers and customers. You can look up product specifications and customer feedback and evaluate communication etiquette. A simple Alibaba search will return over one hundred thousand results. 

Minimum order amount

The minimum order amount enforced by Alibaba is usually 50 pieces. While this may seem like a lot, you should remember that these requirements are designed to protect your interests. Alibaba requires that you buy a minimum quantity before shipping, so you should be prepared to pay extra for samples. 

In this case, you might want to consider trying to negotiate a lower price from the supplier, or working with a trading company or a wholesale distributor. These options may help you cut costs while still making your business profitable. If you cannot afford to meet a MOQ, you may want to consider looking for an alternative supplier.

Avoiding scams

If you are selling on Alibaba, you must be aware of the minimum order amount. Alibaba and the Ali platform both require buyers to purchase at least two pieces before they will be approved. If you buy one piece, you may find yourself in a bad situation if you want to resell it or give it as a gift.

Make sure the supplier has the necessary certifications and has a good response rate. If possible, ask the supplier for references, and check them out on the Internet. You can also contact the references independently, but this is a tougher task if you are dealing with low-quality companies. 

When ordering online, it’s important to remember that Alibaba is a platform designed for business and has millions of merchants and businesses. Although the site offers an excellent search engine and ever-growing list of suppliers, there have been numerous complaints about scams and customer service issues. 

Selling branded goods

If you are thinking about selling branded goods on Alibaba, you should first learn how to avoid scams. Alibaba is a global marketplace, which means that all sellers are competing for the business of the same customers. This means that you must have the necessary expertise to make your business a success. To avoid this, try to purchase them from reputable sellers. 

Before choosing a manufacturer, always check their minimum order quantity. Many products have a minimum order amount, which can be as low as 300 units. While this may sound like a large number, it is often just enough for a manufacturer to make a decent profit.