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How to Enhance the Value of Your Home with a Basement Light Shaft Cover?



In most countries, people dig a basement to add space into their houses. This is a very common practice that most people follow. The whole idea behind it is to either gain that additional space or create a basement for more ventilation. Regardless of the reasons, basements are crucial, and hence pay more attention while constructing your new house or renovating the existing one. Consider some of these important points to build a new basement.

Points to Consider When You Construct a New Basement

If you wish to give a new look to your basement rather than making it feel like another part of the house, pay attention to these details. When there is space in the underground, put in some efforts to make it not look like a dark cellar, but an integral part of your home. You can visit for some ideas on doing up your basement. Here are the two crucial parts which include Ventilation and Light.

  1. Ventilation

To ensure there is adequate ventilation in the basement, consider these crucial points.

  • Choose mechanical ventilation concepts from a basic air extractor to Heat Recovery Units or Positive Input Ventilation.
  • Design your basement in such a way as to ensure the air circulates naturally. Obtain this using detachable roof lights or open light wells. Place these towards the opposite sides of your home.
  1. Light

In some places, it is okay if there is darkness, for instance, in the cinema room, wellness area, gyms, and bathroom or utility rooms. However, if you wish to use your basement as a living area or need extra bedrooms, natural light is necessary.  To ensure natural light comes through, consider these ideas.

Choose the Basement Light Shaft Cover Wisely

As the basement space is dark most of the time, there is a basement light shaft cover installed to access daylight. These light shafts also protect from soil pressure. There is maximum light that gets transmitted to the basement making it look bright and lively. For those with a limited budget and space, choose smart concepts to bring light to the basement. Some of the best examples include fiber optic cable systems, tubular skylights, and more.

  1. Internal Glass

Simply install the glass towards the ground floor as there is scope for natural light. When you do so, the light shines through into the basement. You create a warm and welcoming environment for family and friends.

  1. External Glass

The basement that extends through to the backyard and external glass gives sunlight directly. As a result, it offers a brighter space in the basement.

  1. External Light Wells

Dig the external light wells at the edges of your house to obtain natural light in abundance. These external light wells don’t make the space look cramped. When you lower the garden level and add steps externally, it helps to reach the ground level. Provide double heights internally to ensure that the light spreads on both floors.

These are some of the great ideas to implement to make your basement look spacious, airy, and brighter.