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How to enjoy the summer house in the winter season



On cold days, one of the activities we enjoy most is staying warm, watching a movie and eating hot and comforting dishes. But many peoples also take advantage of the stillness of winter for a getaway to the East. Beach in winter? When the house of the east is well conditioned, we can perfectly enjoy it, be it our own house or a rented one. Today we leave you some recommendations to turn your summer house into a house suitable for cold weather. And if you have a property in the East, you can apply these tips and make it very attractive for those looking for low season rentals.

The heat is in the details

Just clean the last grain of sand of the summer season, start paying attention to this series of ideas that you can implement to acclimatize your summer house in a comfortable and warm winter house.

Bye umbrella, hello stove: A winter house without a stove is unthinkable. What is cuter than sitting in front of the stove on a winter day, with a good book or a catchy series? Undoubtedly, wood stoves are the most praised (because in addition to heating incredibly, they serve as a barbecue when the weather is freezing). The gas stoves are also an affordable solution, especially when the house is not very big. Other options are high-performance stoves or air conditioning; these require more investment, but they are the most efficient ways to heat the house and end up saving energy resources in the long term.

Do not forget the sun:

Take advantage of sunlight when the days are sunny, it is one of the best strategies to heat the environments naturally. Make sure there are no curtains or blinds that interrupt the entry of light through windows or objects in a poor arrangement that impede the passage of the sun. Of course, at night everything is reversed: we must close shutters and curtains so that the accumulated heat does not escape.

It will separate the house by zones:

To prevent air from circulating too much and reduce heat loss, we can “isolate” each sector of the house from each other. For this, we must close all the doors of the rooms; thus we provide small amounts of heat and the whole house becomes cozier.


We can install gaskets on doors and windows to prevent unwanted air access. It will not cost you anything: they are economical and easy to place.

Coat first of all:

The season of bikinis and shorts is suspended at the moment, so the most logical thing is to have clothes suitable for cold weather. There is no way to be comfortable at home wearing warm shoes and warm pajamas. The beds also do not escape the change of clothes: the winter sheets must be of thicker fabrics and the blankets and quilts are inevitable for cold nights on the coast. If you are going to put your beach house for rent, it is essential to check that you have a good bed coat. And a blanket for the sofa is also welcome.

Houses designed for winter

If you are willing to take another step in this winter-adapted house and you are thinking of reforming, building or even buying, the most important thing is the insulation of both walls and ceiling and floor. Thermal insulation materials such as glass wool, wood stoves, expanded polystyrene or polyurethane are ideal to prevent the formation of fungi and dampness and generate, at the same time, an airtight envelope that protects against heat leakage.

The key to a dry and humid home in winter, energy saving, a cool house in summer and, above all, good health, is good thermal insulation. Now that you know how to generate heat in winter in your summer house, you can enjoy quietly with your family from the first to the last day of winter.