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How to Find a Person on Social Media



Instagram is one of the most popular social networks and almost all the people you know are subscribed to it. In this regard, you recently wondered what happened to a long-time friend of yours that you have not heard from for a long time and, trying to look for him on Instagram, you could not find him. This seems very strange to you, also because it is a person who has always been very passionate about technology, so you are afraid that you have done something wrong in the search and would like my help in this regard. How do you say? That is how things are and, therefore, you wonder how to find a person on Instagram or how to do a social media assessment of that person.
In that case, do not worry: if you want, I can direct you to the search tools available on this social network and help you find the user of your interest. Rest assured it would not be anything difficult: you don’t need to be an expert in using the application to do research in a workmanlike manner.

In short, just follow the instructions I will give you in this tutorial and you will see that you cannot go wrong. All you need is a few minutes of free time and your smartphone or PC. At this point, therefore, all I have to do is wish you a good read and a good research! Then, in the Instagram search engine (the magnifying glass icon, from the app), type the name, username or first and last name of the person you want to search, in order to display a list of people as a result research.

Do you think you have found the person you were looking for? Very good! Click on his name of him, to see his profile (if this has not been set as private), and you will be able to understand if it is actually the person you were looking for.

How to find a person on Instagram without knowing their name

Are you looking for a person who you think is registered on Instagram but you do not know his name because, perhaps, on the main social networks he uses a pseudonym? In this case, I suggest that you consider the solutions like people finder, put them into action and you will see that, in one way or another, you will still succeed in the intent you have proposed.

If your purpose is to find a person on Instagram but you don’t know their name or username, you can do this search starting from the contacts in your smartphone’s address book. This feature, in fact, can be useful for you to find a person on Instagram whose phone number you know. To find a person on Instagram through the contacts in your smartphone’s address book, go to your profile, press the ☰ button and select the item suggested people from the menu that opens. Then click on the Connect item, corresponding to the word Connect contacts, and grant the required permissions, by pressing the Allow access button. At the end of the scan, you will be shown all the users registered on Instagram: scroll, then, the list that will be proposed to you to see if you can identify the person of your interest.

Another method that I recommend you use, if you want to find a person on Instagram, is to use the link with the Facebook account and, consequently, the synchronization of the latter’s contacts. So you can check which of your Facebook friends are also subscribed to Instagram. To carry out this procedure, go to the Suggested People section as seen before, press the Connect item, corresponding to the word Connect to Facebook and grant all the required permissions, in order to log in to the latter and see who, among yours Facebook friends, he is also subscribed to Instagram. Instagram does not allow you to search for people by email address; however, if you have this information, I assume you know the first name and probably the last name of the owner of the e-mail address.