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How to find the best jobs



How do I find the right job? There used to be one way in particular: you opened the Saturday newspaper, leafed through to the advertisement section and looked for a new job there. How easy compared to today!

Currently, the job market often looks like an opaque jungle to job seekers: print media compete with online job search experts such as Monster or Stepstone for the favor of the applicant, there are also specialized career portals from HR service providers, regional portals, Meta job search engines, Xing, Twitter and not most recently corporate career pages. ”Just “, you are right to ask yourself, “where is the best place to find a new job?

Go specifically for a job search

If you want to find the right job , you will still find interesting job advertisements in the newspaper. However, the trend is clearly towards online job offers. This is a great advantage for the applicant. Because on job portals, in online networks and also on many career pages of companies, you can search for specific criteria, such as:

  • Place,
  • Job title,
  • Branch,
  • Work experience,
  • Salary range.

In this way, the search is pre-filtered and you are shown jobs that usually fit very well with your professional qualifications and ideas about the dream job.

Online job search: Large job boards for initial orientation

You can get a first orientation when looking for a job online using large job boards. These offer job offers across all industries, functions and regions. Therefore, they are ideal if you want to get an overview and you carry out your job search based on many criteria.

But be careful! Job offers are often reset to a current date after a certain time. So you cannot be sure whether you are one of the first or maybe the 100Are applicants to the relevant company?

Job offers on company websites

Do you already know which industry or company you would like to work for? Then it is worth researching directly on the respective website or calling the HR department. In some cases, jobs are not yet advertised externally. Try your luck by speculatively applying to your preferred employer.

Blind applications are generally accepted positively by personnel decision-makers. But you have to do good research and submit a convincing application in order to be successful.

Clear ideas make it easier to find a job

Before you start looking for a job, you should ask yourself the following five questions before you start looking for a job:

  • Can I imagine leading a team or do I prefer to work independently?
  • Do I feel comfortable in a large international corporation or rather in a smaller start-up?
  • What do I expect from my new employer?
  • Which corporate culture suits me?

Your search will be successful sooner if you have a clear idea of ​​what your new job should look like.

If this is not yet the case, temporary agency work might be an option for you. The advantage: You are permanently employed by a recruiter with a regular income and at the same time gain experience in various companies and industries. This way you can assess much better what you expect from your new job and what you definitely don’t want.