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How To Get Out Of An Escape Room, The Best Tips And Tricks



Escape rooms are a game in which a group of people lock themselves in a room to face different puzzles and get out of the room before time runs out.

In this article we’ll go over some helpful hints for solving the puzzles and get out of these escape rooms and explain how to avoid false clues, how to organize the clues you come across and which places in these rooms you should always check.


Not all party members are able to see all the clues or solve all the puzzles. Everyone has their own skills and you have to know how to take advantage of them. Perhaps one is good at numbers, he may be the perfect person to solve enigmas related to mathematical operations; another may quickly see patterns, may be the one to find words in a word search puzzle, for example. Each one has to weigh what their strengths and weaknesses are before entering, because, just as you can be good at something, you may lose your temper easily or get overwhelmed if you block yourself. That is why virtual escape room team building activity is a worthwhile challenge that can enhance team communication and other specific abilities. 


Escape rooms are made so that the average person would be able to get out. However, when a group of friends try to brave one of these rooms, they sometimes start thinking of a thousand convoluted ways to get out when the answer is usually simpler. Normally the enigmas and riddles have a short and simple resolution, you don’t have to think about it more than necessary.

Know How To Search

The first few minutes of an escape room consist of getting to know the space and finding clues that you then have to make sense of. A good way to know everything about the room you are locked in is to divide it into zones and look everywhere: under tables, chairs and rugs, inside books, in clothes pockets, behind doors, inside drawers, cabinets and trunks…

Without Pause, But Without Hurry

The tendency to enter an escape room is to not stop at any time, the pressure of having a limited time to get out causes a rush that sometimes acts as a barrier when it comes to solving puzzles or seeing clues. It is worth stopping for a few minutes to think, stay still and try to see things calmly to find the solution.

Padlocks And Codes

To escape from one of these rooms, although no special knowledge is required, it is necessary to be familiar with certain objects, such as padlocks. Knowing the types of padlocks that exist and their operation helps to be faster. For example, if you come across a lock with four numbers, you should know how to change the combination.

You should also know how some codes work, such as Morse or Braille, as some clues or lock combinations may depend on it. Perhaps it’s a flashing light or a series of sounds that will give you the clue.

Hints And Guidelines

When it comes to finding clues, organization helps. If, for example, you have several colored locks, glasses with numbers or any group of objects that are apparently related, placing them together makes it easier to have a clearer vision of what you have and what is missing and to decipher patterns. Sometimes for this it is only necessary to count the number of sides or order by size what we have in front of us.


All these tips only work if carried out as a team. To manage to emerge victorious from an escape room it is essential to take into account the people who accompany you, it does not matter if they are friends, family or co-workers, you must listen to each other and work as a team to find all the clues, solve all the enigmas and escape from the room before the time runs out.