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How to install TopStore VIP?



The Jailbreak and Cydia give us a thousand and one utilities to customize our iPhone, install modified applications, hacked games, and much more, however, for that person who does not own Jailbreak or does not like to install Cydia, we can choose as alternatives as TopStore  that It gives us a variety of applications quite useful.

It is important to highlight that TopStore VIP is a store that works on iOS; this store is recommended because, in comparison with other stores, we can install modified applications that are not common in this type of store such as social networks, applications, and modified games, among others.

How to install TopStore VIP?

  • Access THIS PAGE (from the Safari) or use THIS ALTERNATIVE LINK, which is the official TopStore page. Click on the “Topstore.Download” button to download it
  • Click on Install
  • Press the new white icon that appears on the springboard to ensure the download of the application
  • We open the Settings application> General> Profiles and devices> TopStore profile> Trust
  • We trust the developer

TopStore content

Once inside the application, we will see the highlighted content of the store. TopApps would be the most downloaded applications, in this same section we have recommended applications on TopStore.Download; however, at the bottom we have more sections:

Apps: In “Movies on iOS” we find video and stream applications (Play TV, Coto Movies, YouTube ++, among others). “Tweaked apps” are modified applications such as Pandora ++, NBA App ++, Spotify ++, among others. “Pai and Other Apps” we have free applications that are paid, emulators, jailbreaks and much more

Games: “Tweaked Games” are hacked or slightly modified games such as iSpoofer Pokémon, Critical Oop Hack; and, in “Paid and Other Games” we have paid games that are free like Monument Valley, Impossible Road, GTA San Andreas and many more

Search: Some featured applications with a search bar to locate applications in an easier way

The iOS 12 jailbreak for iPhone XS appears, but it won’t be public

One more year, another attempt to jailbreak more. Although i recent years the jailbreak in iOS has been relegated to the background, there is still a redoubt of enthusiasts determined to achieve it. With iOS 12 and with the A12 chip it seems that they have done it. But of course, there is no version for the public nor is it expected.

Advertising at the cost of illusions

We have several editions of iOS with the same story and it seems that we have not learned. The steps are always the same:

  • A new version of iOS comes out.
  • A group of hackers gets or say they have managed to jailbreak.
  • They advertise it in style but “unfortunately” do not have a tool to make it public yet.
  • Months go by and nothing else is commented on by the group that has achieved it, at the most they are working on it.

Meanwhile, the group has come the exploit to the highest bidder and has earned some reputation in the community. Announcing the exploit as jailbreak what they get is free advertising based on enthusiasts who still believe that jailbreak is a viable option in 2018.

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