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How To Make Your Home Look Like a Cottage



Cottage designs have been on trend for decades. This is mainly because of their rustic country charm. From the layering of floral prints to the installation of vintage appliances, the cottage theme comes with many exciting features that keep your home timeless year after year. Whether you design your home with whitewashed crofts or honey-colored limestone, one thing remains the same; cottage-themed homes will always be in vogue. This article offers simple, cost-effective ways to transform your home into a cottage-themed masterpiece. 

  1. Go Back To Using Stoves

Your living room is usually the first place guests are introduced to your home. So, the space should always be cozy and inviting so that visitors can feel right at home. With the cottage theme, achieving the cozy feel becomes extremely easy, thanks to the popular wood-burning stove. The classic cast iron stove, which is one of many antique fireplaces, offers increased efficiency in your home. Unlike an open fire that loses over 90 percent of its heat to your chimney, the stove transfers heat into your living room via radiation. 

  1. Mix And Match Is The Best Approach

The classic cottage kitchen design is timeless, thanks to the mixing and matching of cabinetry. You can also add some unique vintage stand-alone units to get a classic look. A typical country cottage possesses rustic features found in the various vintage wooden tables, sideboards, cupboards, and plate racks on display. Incorporating these into your design ensures your cottage theme comes to life effortlessly. 

  1. Have A Focal Point In The Kitchen

Creating a focal point in your kitchen is easier when you have a classic range cooker. Cottages of the past often used heat storage range cookers in their kitchen. In addition to helping with meals, these cookers radiated enough heat to keep the entire house warm. Newer brands have developed more modern designs in varying sizes, finishes, and colors but with the same cottage feel. 

  1. Traditional Sofa Designs Are Awesome

When choosing a sofa or couch for your living room, consider the more traditional designs, as they can help you pull off the cottage feel better. Traditional sofa designs are both relaxing and elegant, coming in several fabric options. The choices include a two-seater, four-seater, and a love seat option if you’re tight on space. When choosing your sofa, consider rustic cottage-friendly upholstery such as linens, wools, checks, tickings, and many more.

  1. Utilize Existing Features

Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to already live in a cottage, which only needs one form of renovation. In such cases, it’s best to show off the home’s unique character by highlighting all the architectural features of your home. Leave the original beams as they are, and allow the original stone walls to showcase their beauty while adding the needed softness via your choice of furniture. 

Our hearts always find their way home, even more so when a home is a beautiful place. Whether you’re redesigning, renovating, or starting from scratch on your dream cottage-themed home, these tips will be a great way to make your home give off the cottage aura.