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How To Obtain The American Visa 



Knowing the United States can be the dream of many people and for this it is essential to process the American visa that allows entry to the country.

It is a permit that allows any citizen to travel once or several times to the USA as part of a trip for tourism, business, and student or even to work temporarily.

If you are intending to travel to the United States to visit its tourist areas, to visit your relatives or for any other reason, you must have a visa.

For this reason, in the following article we are going to tell you all the steps to submit US visa application. Also, what are the costs and times of the procedure?


The classification of American visas depends on the particular purpose of the visit of the foreigners who request it. So, in order to identify which visa you need, you need to clearly define the purpose of your trip to the United States.

Identifying the visa that you are looking for will help you to know which application you must register on the website of the US embassy in your country, the first step to start your process, since each type of visa requires a particular application.


Here we list the most commonly requested types of American visas, and we briefly explain the cases in which they apply. Surely the visa that you require is among these cases.

  • Business: Necessary for all those who need to attend conferences or conventions related to their field of work. It also applies to those who intend to enter into contracts or business agreements in the United States.
  • Tourism : Mainly for those who want to visit the tourist areas of the country, but also for those who wish to reunite with their families or need to receive some medical treatment.
  • Temporary Employment: Aimed at workers who need to study or work temporarily in the US.
  • Study and Exchange: It applies to university students selected to carry out a postgraduate stay at an American university or to students chosen to study temporarily at any American educational institution.


First you must fill out US visa online application on the website of the American Embassy with your data, the purposes of your visit to the United States and the type of visa you require. Everything will depend, then, on the type of visa you need, as we have mentioned. The DS-160 form, for example, is suitable for business and tourist visas, which are the most in demand. In any case, to your application you must add a color photo of your face, frontal and without any addition.

After receipt of your application, the embassy will make an appointment for an interview. The appointment takes place between three and six weeks after the submission of the application.

At the interview you must present your passport to travel to the United States and your printed application. There, you must also explain the specific purposes of your visit to the US. You must also indicate your intention to leave the country after the period designated for your stay, and you will also have to verify that you have the required solvency to cover the expenses of your trip.

Finally, after the interview, you will have to wait between three and four weeks to receive the news of the acceptance of your visa.