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How to properly heat the stove with wood to keep it warm?



Despite the fact that convenient and very easy-to-use electric stoves have appeared on the market for a long time, many still prefer wood stoves. This is a completely understandable choice since wood burning stoves have a number of advantages that almost no electric stove can boast.

Use of wood-burning stoves for baths and saunas

The main advantage of the wood burning stove for baths and saunas is complete independence from external energy sources. An electric oven is completely dependent on an external source of energy; of course, this is not bad and very convenient. However, the problem is that a large voltage surge can affect the operation of such a furnace. In addition, in the event of a power outage, it will be useless. The wood-burning stove is not subject to this, nothing, except the lack of firewood, can prevent it from being flooded.

Woodstove design 

In order to choose the right wood-burning stove, you need to understand its structure and design. Therefore, let us consider in more detail all the elements that make up a furnace of this type.


The firebox is also called a firebox or fuel chamber. It is necessary for burning firewood. The firebox can be completely different in design, however, the most preferable fuel chambers are narrowed under the stone. Thanks to this design of the firebox, firewood falls on the grate during combustion. The firebox door must be made of heat-resistant alloy or glass.


The ash pan is a small compartment in which ash accumulates after the firewood is burned. Modern wood-burning stoves have retractable ash pans, so they are very easy to clean. Old ash panes are cleaned with special tools.


The grate is a separate element of the stove in which coals are accumulated. It is made of durable metal, most often cast iron. The main purpose of the grate is to supply thrust to the lower section of the fuel compartment.


The stove is located in the upper part of the stove, where the stones are placed, which is necessary to create dense steam. We have already written about how to select stones and which types are most preferable in one of our previous articles.


When burning, firewood forms carbon monoxide, which, of course, must be removed from the steam room. For these purposes, a chimney is needed. It is made of various heat-resistant alloys, but ceramic and cast-iron chimneys are considered the highest quality and most durable.

Advantages of wood-burning stoves

Wood stoves are the traditional and most common type of heat generator for baths and saunas. Many sauna lovers prefer them because of the atmosphere created, the smell of wood, and their burning. Kindling with natural wood is considered the safest for health.

Advantages Of Wood Stoves

A wood stove is always available. If gas or electricity has not yet been installed on the site, then such a stove will become a real savior. In addition, it is easy to install, it can be placed anywhere since no electricity supply is required.

The wood-burning stove has a huge heat output; it heats up very quickly and allows even a large room to warm up in a short time.