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How to simulate opening new pack?



Since the launch of Ultimate Team in 2012, the opening gift bag has become synonymous with the FIFA series, and the excitement of rare players has exceeded the excitement of many goals. Silver and silver medals may not be so exciting because it usually takes hours of game time or trading to get a card, and only cheap players can win the favor of opponents.

However, there are many out-of-the-box emulators on the site that can almost simulate the thrill of packing the priceless Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.If you are bound by coins, here are some corkscrews with the highest ratings.

For each and every package in the store, FIFA 19’s packaging possibilities  are measured by simulating the opening of a large number of packages. The number of software packages opened in the simulation varies according to rarity, but statistically it is always sufficient. Then, every time the content is updated, the EA will re-run this process. During the year, especially during the promotion period, the probability will be regularly updated to show players who have the opportunity to open higher ratings. Before purchasing a package, you can view not only the probability of the package, but also the date on which the final percentage is calculated. Some campaign-specific categories (such as “Team of the Year”) contain rare content. In some software packages the possibility of this content might be less than 1 percent.

   All probability percentages you see are package-by-package rather than cumulative. This directs  that each and every package opening is independent to the other which ultimately means that opening multiple packages does not change the possibility of being granted items of a particular category. If you toss the coin three times and face it up every time, if you toss the coin again, you still have a 50% chance of receiving a positive reward.

Items and real-time content will always be introduced to FUT so the probability number is not fixed. Since the probability may change throughout the season, you can always check the “Package Probability” screen before buying a package. As of the timestamp indicated at the bottom of the screen, this probability is accurate.

On the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Store screen, you will get an option under each available package, which is displayed as “Show package probability”. Since there are alot of player items in the FUT, they are classified by the level and type of item. The percentage you see is the minimum probability of acquiring one or more players in the listed rating range and domain. For example, if the probability of a certain category and level is 100%, you can ensure that you receive at least one item in that category.

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