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How to Sleep with Noise-Cancelling Headphones and Earbuds?



If you are one of those people who sleep straight then you have no issues regarding discomfort if you sleep wearing your headphones. However, there will be an issue if you are a side sleeper because you cannot sleep well while wearing the headphone. Even you have bought an expensive headphone with the noise-canceling feature but this will not give you comfort.

Comfortable Noise-Cancelling Headphones are pretty good and can be found under 100 dollars with the sound quality and isolating you from external noise but as soon as you touch your pillow you cannot sleep because these headphones will hurt you. Or even if you fell asleep, you will wake up with ear pain. So, what’s the solution?

Some headphones are specially designed for side sleepers. However, if you already have your best headphones and these headphones are not among those which are designed for the side sleepers then still you have a way to sleep well with your current headphones.

For you, there are some special pillows available on the market that you can purchase and sleep-well while listening to your favorite music with your favorite headphone. Even though you can also design such type of pillow on your own. Go and have some internet surfing and you will easily get DIY to create such pillows.

 Sleeping With Earbuds or In-Ear Headphones

All your trouble flies away if you got a pillow with a hole right there where you put your ear. Specifically, there are two types of pillows that we recommend. The first special pillow we recommend is simply called, “Pillow with a Hole”.

If you do a Google or Amazon search you will find out exactly what we are talking about. These pillows are usually used for people who have recently had ear surgery but are also used by those with ear pain or sensitive ears and surely for getting better sleep while wearing a headphone too.

The hole in these pillows removes the stress that a regular pillow puts on your earbuds and headphones. It also reduces the smashing effect of them against your ear. You can avoid damage to you hear and earbuds/headphones with this type of pillow.

Another benefit with these pillows is the reduced risk factor is strangulation. Thread the wires from your headphones through the hole and run them out from underneath the pillow to stop the cords from getting tangled around your neck.

Amazon has quite a variety of “Pillow with a Hole” product listings. You can also search for ear surgery pillows to get similar search results. Here are a few that we thought we would share with you.

  • PureComfort Pillow with an Earhole – Memory foam pillows are very popular right now and this PureComfort pillow has a memory foam core, which most people concur is more comfortable than other pillows.
  • PureComfort Side Sleeping Pillow – This model is a little different in that it has two ear slots. Unfortunately, they are just impressions for your ear to lie in. There is no actual hole, so the added benefit of being able to run the earbud wires underneath the pillow would not work. So, the risk of strangulation would still be there.
  • Deluxe Comfort Better Sleep Earguard Pillow Accessory – If you want an inexpensive solution, or just to try out a pillow with a hole in it, you could pick up this small pillow accessory. It does have the hole all the way through so you get that protection from strangulation, but it is very small and you would probably need to add a regular pillow to make up for more padding. Made from eggshell foam, you might find it less comfortable than memory foam or cotton filling, but it would be a wonderful piece to try out.


The most obvious solution to sleeping with headphones on is to sleep on your back. This is a fantastic solution if you can sleep in one position all night. Most people don’t, but if you are one of those rare persons, you might have good luck with your everyday headphones, as long as you don’t roll over by accident in your sleep.

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