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How to Spy On Instagram: The Ultimate Guide 2022



If your intent is to spy on an Instagram profile, you are in the right place. In this guide I will share the best techniques (both the most advanced and the basic ones) to access someone’s Instagram profile and read conversations, check likes and comments, spy on stories without getting caught. Everyone has, at least once in their life, wanted to violate someone’s privacy and spy on what they do online, perhaps on Instagram – the social network of the moment. The men and women who populate the Instagram love to wear the shoes of investigators and all have a soul like Sherlock Holmes and Jessica Fletcher (the mythical Lady in Yellow).

Well, I will help you out.

Let me introduce myself: I am Francesco Caruso, I am 36 years old and I have been dealing with social media and IT security for about 15 years. Specifically, I help mothers and fathers who are unfamiliar with technology to understand more of the digital world (social, internet, apps, etc.) and prevent their children from getting into trouble.

Welcome to my blog!

In this guide on how to spy on an Instagram profile, I want to share with you everything I have learned in these years of experience. I will give you ONLY AND ONLY true information and solutions tested by me! I warn you; unlike the other guides, you can find online here I will cover everything in detail. So get comfortable and take all the time you need. A clarification before starting. In Italy, spying on an Instagram account without the victim’s consent is considered a crime. Therefore, if your purpose is to monitor your underage child to protect him from the dangers of the internet then you have my full approval. On the other hand, if your goal is to spy on your partner or your employee, know that you are committing a crime and I do not take any responsibility.

I want to be honest and clear from the beginning: spying on an Instagram profile and accessing its conversations on DM (Direct Messenger, or Instagram chat) is feasible but it is not easy, especially if you do not have a minimum of experience with technology. The situation is different if you are not interested in reading conversations on Instagram and just want to spy on a contact in a more superficial way. For example, see who likes, who comments on posts or see his stories anonymously. In this case, no computer skills are needed just read this guide.

The function that allows you to see someone likes on Instagram profile is active on both Android and iPhone. This means that if the victim’s mobile phone is a Samsung, a Xiaomi or any other device that uses the Android operating system then you can use it. Same thing with the iPhone or the iPad. I will try to explain it to you in the simplest way I know: when a mobile phone is put on the market, blocks are set in its operating system (in this case Android or iOS). These restrictions are to keep the phone safe. For example, you are prevented from installing apps that do not come from the official Google store (Google Play) or from Apple’s, or from changing some settings, and so on.

The use of these social networks is important to verify the time when the suspect (the person you intend to check) connected. Check all the social profiles of people who concern you. Then collected all the clues and here is the evidence! However, most of the people who contact me are either parents worried about the ca XX ate they can have their children with their cell phones or engaged couples who are afraid that their partner might cheat on them and therefore want to monitor their cell phone without getting involved.