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How Understanding His Values Led Sebastian Beja to Success



What did you do to help clarify the direction of your career?

I used an exercise called heaven on earth which dramatically changed the course of my life and clarified my direction. It helps you get a closer look at why you are in this planet and your soul’s purpose here.

Google it and do it for yourself. It’s really powerful.

Also remembering that life is a mirror of what you value, digging into my values helped me figure out who I wanted to help which gave me the purpose I needed to keep goin

What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve made to get to this point?

I gave up about 80% of my income to refocus on work I actually believed in and care about.

Inhad to clearly say, “This is not where I want to spend my energy, time, and focus.” Then I had to have the guts to give up work that paid a lot of money because it didn’t align with where I wanted to go.

It was tough to give that up, but now in retrospect, it was totally worth it as I will have never been able to build what are building, make what I’m making money-wise and serve how we are serving –  if I didn’t let that go.

If you could start over again, what would you do differently?

I would focus intensely on my money mindset and perception of what money means. Everything comes back to your mindset.

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