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Importance of Background in Travel Photography



Longing for a vacation? Rented a cottage by the lake shore for your once in a lifetime fishing trip? Geared up for a hiking, mountain biking or camping trip? Well, once thing you can’t forget to pack for any of these trips is your camera. And if you are an avid sportsman or traveler, you will pack your GoPro as well along with all the bells and whistles to mount it on anything you fancy. Why do you want to pack your camera or GoPro? It is not a trip without one. You want to capture that giant musky you will be catching or your fight with the monster Tarpon in the Key West. How about your biking along the narrow cliff? With all things in mind, last thing you will think of is removing that background from you image as this is what taking you there.

Go Pro Vs Point and Shoot Photography

Point and shoot cameras are very popular among regular average users. They are easy to use, not much you need to know to use them. Hence the name point and shoot. You just point the camera at the object or people you want to capture and shoot. With this camera, any average Joe can take pictures. They became widely popular as they do not require a steep learning curve. Another reason they are popular is because they are very affordable.

Size is another reason they are popular. These days, you can get a point and shoot camera that perfectly fits in your hip pocket. Woman carrying purse or small handbag can also carry a point and shoot camera virtually anywhere. With digital memory cars, these cameras can take hundreds or with larger capacity cards, thousands of images in a single memory card. You do not need to worry about running out of films even again.

With GoPro by the way, that’s another story. No average traveler will use such camera. They are typically used by action sports people to capture motion photography and video. Whether you are scuba diving, cliff hanging, fighting a monster fish or surfing, GoPro is your camera. There are wide range of imitations and action sports cameras in the market now a days. A mere search on Amazon website will land you on scores of results. If you need an action sport camera to capture your motion photography or videos, read the reviews before making a decision.

Remove That Background or Keep the Background

If you are computing the image or video to preserve the memory, there is no way in the hell you will want to remove the background form your travel or sporting photography. In fact, the backgrounds in the image are what makes them cherishable for the rest of your life. You however might find the need of retouching the image in few cases based on how much you like the image and what part of the image you need to improve. You can go through the culling process to eliminate the images you do not need and select the ones you want to keep. Then if there is an image you truly like but some unwanted object caught on the image or you need to improve the image some other ways, you can consider retouching that image to make it look better.