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In A Crowded Content Market, Here’s How To Get Ahead Shared by Georgia Emily Austin



In the Information Age – where 7.5 million blog posts are published daily – content is king. No matter the industry, relevant content drives traffic from Google to a business website. Quality, engaging words turn those clicks into leads. But, how does a content agency stand out in an already-saturated market? Georgia Austin believes strong SEO performance is essential, but it cannot come at the expense of compelling brand stories. 

For Georgia Austin, CEO of visionary content agency Wizard of Content, writers can no longer prioritize SEO over branding, or vice versa. She says, “Ultimately every successful company needs a verbal identity and the right words to communicate their products and services.” The right words need to perform emotionally for the reader and in Google algorithms too. She adds, “We create killer content that both resonates and performs.” In the content agency world, getting both right can be a challenge.

The ability to excel in both brand content and SEO explains why Wizard of Content is now growing at an exponential rate. It is no longer good enough to be a whizz at SEO if the writing on the searched-for page doesn’t open up a window into a brand’s specific story. Compelling content is the key. As Georgia says, “Every brand has its own nuances and ways of doing things, and it’s our job to get it right for the client.” But finding the right talent for the job has required Georgia Austin to think outside the box. 

She says, “Our writers are specialists, not generalists.” Specialists that are based all around the globe. It’s an approach that allows Georgia to leverage talent without being restricted by location and to assign specific briefs to writers with in-depth knowledge of that particular industry. “Many of my writers are digital nomads and live in all corners of the world – after all, your creativity flourishes when you are in new settings, places that you love and make you feel energized. It shines through in our work.” 

This ability to steer clear of generic content – along with to-the-minute knowledge of SEO – is what Georgia Austin believes will keep content agencies ahead of the curve in a saturated digital market. She says, “We like to think we’re allergic to generic copy here at Wizard Of Content. Otherwise, you simply sound like everyone else.” 

The CEO and Founder of a fast-growing business, Georgia’s disruptive approach – turning the traditional copywriting agency into a fully remote, flexible, cutting-edge business – is clearly working. What started as a freelance marketplace from her laptop in Rio de Janeiro has turned into an agency employing 70 freelancers all over the world, with global clients including Heals Furniture, Office Freedom, Stakester, and more. 

Brand image, says Georgia, is just as important in your written copy as it is in your logo or web visuals. “Great content marketing is when you read words and feel something – you understand the brand and can describe their character like they’re a friend.” Content agencies that effectively combine emotive, brand-centric copy with unrivaled SEO strategy will shout the loudest in a crowded market of words.