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Insurance: choose wisely



With a good and appropriate insurance you save money. What should you pay attention to when taking out and renewing your insurance?

Take out insurance

All adults in the Netherlands are required by law to have health insurance and third-party liability insurance in case of car or motorcycle ownership

. There is also necessary insurance. The main insurance policies are:

  • Liability insurance private individuals
  • Home insurance

Renewing and canceling insurance

Non-life insurers are obliged to inform you in good time about the date on which your insurance will be extended. You should also receive information about the options for canceling. Usually the contract term is one year. After the contract has been extended for the first time, you have a notice period. This may be a maximum of one month.

Contracts that run for longer than one year are still possible. Without the express consent of the consumer, a multi-year contract changes into a one-year contract after the renewal date. This contract has a notice period of a maximum of one month.

Tip: Would you like more information about insurance? At vanatot you will find explanations and tips about everything you encounter when taking out, changing and canceling an insurance policy.

Avoid over insurance

It’s a shame if you’re over insured. Therefore, check for yourself whether you:

  • You are not double insured. You then have two insurance policies that both cover the same thing.
  • You are not unnecessarily insured. You then pay a monthly insurance premium for something for which you do not actually need to be insured. So think about whether you can and want to pay for it yourself if something breaks. Also check how much that what you have insured is worth: if you receive little or nothing from the insurance, it is not wise to take out the insurance.



Regularly compare the prices of different insurers for the policies you need. Switching can pay off. This is usually possible with a notice period of one month. It makes sense to do this on the contract expiry date.

On you can find out how customers rate an insurer on six aspects of customer service:

Customers have rated insurers on these aspects with a score from 1 to 10, after which a ranking was compiled. In addition, customer reactions are also included. This way you can view the performance of insurers and compare them with each other. That can help you make a choice.