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Introducing Jonathan Ross: A rising model



Being a professional model takes not only a lot of skill, but also a lot of luck. It is not our intention to crush your dreams, but you should know the reality of the situation before investing a significant amount of time and money. There have been a lot of studies about the balance between luck and skill when it comes to becoming a model or athlete or streamer, or a TikTok star, or a musician, or a YouTuber.

Jonathan Ross (@4remjay): My life journey began in Austin, Texas. After growing up in Austin, I moved south to Houston. Having lived in Houston all of my life, it has become my home. After graduating from Lockhart Elementary School, I attended Mickey Leland Junior High and Yates High School.

Basketball has been a part of my life since I was a child. In high school, I decided to play collegiate basketball because I had been passionate about the sport since I was a child. At the beginning of the journey, I was faced with a new path to follow. Few in our generation seem to understand this path anymore, including myself. A bit of an epidemic is sweeping across sports media right now, which includes athletes spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on edited sports, trips, and celebrations.

The truth will not be sugarcoated, however. You should enjoy choosing a college once the process is complete. Choosing a college is a complex process. It is now the athletes who are less keen on playing the game than committing to it that have created the problem.

I have personally experienced tremendous pressure and stress as a college athlete who had to earn every single one of the seven college offers I received. This was especially true when it came to being “one of those guys” who landed a big-time college offer. In the past year, after I spent time at Grays Harbor College and settled into my new home, I’ve learned that public treatment is a critical lesson.

It won’t be very long before you see posts about commitments or official visits when you look at social media or videos on YouTube about high school sports. My most pressing question throughout the whole recruiting process was: what could the college offer me that would enable me to not only maximize my athletic career, but also maximize my family’s investment in my college education?

The thing I saw was not out of spite, but rather to provide as realistic expectations and goals as possible to other athletes and coaches… so why do schools and some athletes spend so much time, money, and media coverage holding commitment “events” and “visits?”

Now I have started my career as being ambassador for clothing brands which I had to buy a clothing and get a discount link and when other people buy clothes and use my link I get a profit of it and so I take picture in the clothing and get posted on their clothing brand page. It was a great experience for me to become an ambassador for this verified Instagram clothing brand. As a result, I get free clothes every month after applying for a modeling job. In addition to sponsorships, I work with an app called Current. I can upload photos to their social media pages. In my opinion, modeling is all about social media.

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