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Iranian artist and model Reza Moosavi said about himself



Opinions and tastes are different from each other, but there are some rules that by knowing and observing them, you will take a step towards (conceptual effect). This set of methods and methods will help you before socializing with others. They will prejudge you as you want, and this prejudgment is an important scout in the beginning of your relationship or path to success.

Thousands of books are published daily, and thousands of fashion magazines are published on various topics that may cause many social and occupational harms to the society. However, it is a sign of evolution with the progress of the majority of people. Networks, magazines, books, professors, brands, designers, have an effect on some societies, but the majority of them register a sign of a correct effect and progress.

Bezag brands have a lot of influence and influence in the society. Both their impact on people is great and their power of influence on networks, fashion and fashion magazines, what effect do these have on us? Is their job to create and promote ideas. With this definition and this amount of creation, the main question is that in the last century, the final product of the work of brands means the ideas that have made the state of society better or worse? The answer to the question is that it is very difficult not to conclude based on the evidence that brands have made the world a worse and more dangerous place. The reason for this conclusion is the mistakes that brands make, and one of the most important mistakes is ignoring identities and abstract anomalies.

Or breaking the law? To be seen, if we don’t consider individual and identity rules, and freely promote any kind of design as a fashion statement, our work process is practically considered a violation of norms.

If we look at the competition of brands in the red carpet ceremony, in the majority of their designs there is a violation of the law that exposes them to more attention, this is not an act of artistic creativity, it is an advertising strategy.

If we pay attention to the color and design that we see from the network, magazine, poster, banner, movies, injecting, we cannot understand what clothes are suitable for us psychologically.

Moosavi added :

The job of promoting products is called modeling, a common mistake among Iranian people is that they think that modeling is a person, while modeling is a job and the model is the person doing the modeling.  Modeling has different branches and everyone enters one of the branches according to their talent, for example, some are only eyeglass models and some are only clothing models.  Modeling is one of the most lucrative and attractive jobs in the world to the extent that today models in Iran have several million monthly incomes and while enjoying their work, they also earn from it . Models are people who provide an ideal representation of their physical body in the field of business and art.  Models can play a very effective role in designing and introducing clothing.  The activity of models does not end here, and by using models, any product and industry can be introduced to others.  The industry of modeling and becoming a model has not been in the form that we see today, and among the first people who appeared in this industry as models were athletes and heroes, and some politicians and political people were also active in this industry.  Are  This process continued until modeling became a tool to promote the culture and customs of different societies and countries.

Although the boundary between modeling and acting and pantomime is not clear, these categories are completely different from each other.  The models who display the products of the companies with a special pose and gesture must have special feelings and emotions in order to be able to successfully present the products.  In the last few decades, the profession of modeling and being a model has reached a very high position, and if we say that models have played a very fundamental and important role in reaching this position, we would not be wrong.

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