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Is it okay to drink RO purified water?



Is it okay to drink RO purified water?

People need to drink purified water these days. It is very necessary to do it because these days water pollution has increased a lot. This is because of increase in the pollution level in environment and increase of water body pollution because of the accumulation of industrial waste. As a result, the regular water that is being supplied these days is full of contaminants and if one consumes it, then it can make them seriously ill. Hence having purified water has become mandatory.

Now, how can one have purified water on a regular basis? The answer is simple. One has to install a water purifier both at home and at their working area so that they can get access to healthy drinking water on a regular basis.

What is an RO purifier?

People these days are mostly inclined to domestic RO when it comes to water purifiers. RO or reverse osmosis is a kind of a water purifying technology and this has become the most popular one in India. In this particular water purification process, the water gets rid of all toxic chemicals, heavy metals and dissolved salt particles. It is said that RO water purifier is capable of removing all the bad particles from regular tap water but is RO water safe for consuming purpose?

How does this purification process works?

As it has been said earlier that the purification process is known as the Reverse Osmosis process which is exactly the opposite of the Osmosis process. What happens in this process? Well, if the tap water it poured in this machine then this water is being forced through a semi permeable membrane and that too in very high pressure. When the water is getting passed through this, then all the impurities that are present here like toxins, metals and chemicals get trapped in that membrane. Thus, the water that crosses the membrane gets rid of all the contaminants that were present there. So, on the other side one can get only clean water which is good for consuming.

Is RO water safe for drinking?

As per general studies, it is healthy to drink RO water. The only negative thing about it is that, it removes not only all the contaminants that are present in water but also some essential minerals along with it. There are also some good minerals remain dissolved in regular water which is beneficial for health but as they are quite bigger in size, they get easily trapped in the RO membrane and get removed from the water in due process. So, when one drinks RO water, it means that they are drinking water which has no minerals in it. But then should one avoid drinking RO water? Not really. One must not drink water that comes filtered only by RO process. If one has an RO water filter, then it has to be equipped with some other technologies as well which will help the essential minerals to stay in the water and they must not get lost during the purification process. When it comes to RO water purifiers then there are some major brands present in the market, who use different combinations of purification technologies like (UF and UV) along with RO so that they can provide the consumer with safe and healthy drinking water. There are some RO purifying machines as well which comes with TDS controller and they help in maintaining all the essential minerals in the water.

Now, what exactly is the function of a TDS controller? Well, it is a kind of a device that is mainly there in the RO water purifying machines and they can adjust the level of TDS in water. they help in maintaining the TDS level in water means they help in controlling the level of the total dissolved salts that is present in regular tap water.

RO purification process

When the water goes through the RO membrane in the machine, then it is actually divided into 2 parts:

  • In the first part, the water goes into the RO membrane and then it goes through the purification process.
  • In the second part the water either goes through the UV chamber or the UF membrane (depending on what technology us present in the RO machine) and then through the TDS controller which can adjust the amount of minerals which are present in the water. This can ensure that the water that comes out is completely safe to drink.

Benefits of drinking healthy water

There are a lot of benefits that one gets when they are drinking healthy water.

  • First of all, the purified water if consumed on a regular basis will help one to prevent all the water borne diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid, nausea, jaundice, vomiting and many more.
  • Drinking purified water also means one has a better digestive system. This is because; the purified water can help to break the food particles into small pieces which makes it easier to digest. So, those who suffer from constipation also get a lot of benefits from drinking this water.
  • Using purified water for bathing purposes also makes the skin soft and supple. Regular water has a lot of chlorine that makes the skin dry and rough.
  • Filtered water also means the appliances that run through water like washing machines, pumps and other things have hassle free life. Also the utensils have a better life.


So, basically having RO water filter is a great thing. But one has to be very careful whether the filter has some other purification technology or not. If not, then there is no point in buying those RO water filters. One has to go for the water purifiers which are a combination of RO plus UV or UF so that the tap water also gets rid of contaminants and at the same time the essential minerals and salts also remain intact in it. Then only, it can fulfil the purpose of providing healthy drinking water to people for consumption on a regular basis.

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