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Isaac Gafishi Becoming a Famous Music Artist



In the 21st century, as in the last century, moreover, adolescents and young people willingly forge their personality with the help of references deemed worthy of being imitated. Here, the father very often ends up giving way to the pop star. However, to claim to equal his mentor who connects concerts on concerts, it is necessary to roll up the sleeves and to redouble efforts to learn how to sing and to improve in this art. The song is above all a taste. If it is expensive, it is not even worth thinking about putting it at the forefront of an entire existence: you have to change your vocation.

Being an artist also requires the ability to “sell yourself”. This requires a good relationship with a professional agent, festival organizers, journalists, etc. Autograph sessions and promotional broadcasts require patience, openness to others with constant enthusiasm. All of this requires incredible energy over time. A singer must have a healthy lifestyle, work on his breath and his voice… but also his physical resistance to hold up during a concert tour, for example. Creative and in search of new artistic adventures, a singer must have the soul of an artist in constant evolution.

For the past few days, it has been mainly the songs of Isaac gafishi that have been playing on a loop. He is gospel singer, He was born in country called Rwanda and come to USA when he was 12 went to high school here in USA, got his bachelors degree also his masters.

A new challenger arrives in the rap game, Isaac gafishi knowns for his popular tracks such as ICYONKUNDIRA UWITEKA, NIMWUMVE AND ESE NIKI and so on. For an artist or a group, releasing an album or a single is an important moment where excitement, stress, impatience and worry mingle. Will the new songs appeal to the public? What will journalists’ criticism be? How will the songs be received? Will they be successful? Will they be broadcast on the radio? So many questions that arise frequently, and whatever the level of experience. These are legitimate questions because a new record is always the result of long work. The young rapper makes his intention to indulge, to seek himself out, to embrace his identity as an artist. Isaac gafishi is a raw gem that will shine with pure brilliance.

Find your style, set goals, accept setbacks and criticism. But above all, do repetitions, again and again. Breathe, we will explain everything to you. “Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality”. Said Isaac Gafishi should be a mantra for all artists and especially for budding musicians. He could also have said: “If you want to become a musician at 40, 7, 25 or 99, it’s possible! “. If the very concept of becoming an amateur musician or becoming a beatmaker may seem absurd, know that many are content to switch from one instrument to another, to write two lines of texts or to scratch three guitar chords to be able to call themselves a musician. …amateur. Music lover, yes!

Above all, to become a musician you have to be passionate. Without passion, no success! The life of a professional or amateur musician is made up of obstacles: lack of recognition, difficult end of the month, increasingly strong competition, difficult first step… Your passion for music must be all-consuming and fill your dreams and your lives.