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ISC Exam Eligibility Details!



ISC stands for Indian School Certificate. This exam is the 12th class examination which is conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate(CISCE). 

It is a private board of Education established by the University of Cambridge Local Examination. It came into existence on 3rd November 1958. Many may not know that as the University of Cambridge organizes this Board of Education, so the scores of this Board are accepted by the universities of the UK. The examination of this Board got designed following the guidelines of the New Education Policy in 1986. 

The students who belong to the ISC board have many opportunities to the A-listed colleges compared to students from other respective boards. English subject is a compulsory subject in ISC board, and the exam gets conducted in English medium. While the language subjects exams get held in the subject languages only.

Every Board has its some of the other special rules which need to get followed, and the same is the case with the ISC Board of Education. ISC Board of Education receives specially referred to as the Board where students get a particular reference in the reputed colleges in India as well in the UK.

ISC Board Exam criteria!

After the completion of 10th board examination or ICSE board examination, you can apply for this ISC board examination. As the Board’s exams get clear, take a follow up about the ISC examination dates and guidelines beforehand, so that the deserving candidates don’t miss out the dates by any chance. Each candidate needs to require every document required by the Board. 

The previous year, the percentage of students in the ICSE board exam who passed was 98.20% whereas the pass percentage in ISC boards was 95.15%. The reviews of this Board includes 14 Indian languages, five foreign languages, 50 written subjects, and two classical languages.


  • Students can appear for the ISC examination only if they have 75% of attendance record. 
  • Students who have cleared their 10th examination from respective boards or ICSE boards, they are eligible to enter the ISC examinations. 
  • There is no restriction for any age limit. Still, if you want to calculate your age check this site age calculator

ISC Class 12 Syllabus:

Under ISC boards, students can select three, four, or five elective subjects. But English is a compulsory subject to consider. For more than six subjects, a student can appear for the examination. They also require a proper Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) and Community Service so that they can look for the exams.

ISC books for Class 12:

As this Board of Education is considered as the strictest Board. Thus students have to follow many books which help them to cope up with the ISC syllabus. They prepare themselves as per the ISC syllabus, which is challenging to prepare for many. 

Conditions of eligibility :

  1. Students should follow every guideline mentioned by the ISC board of Education.
  2. They should have proper passed out certificates of their 10th examination.
  3. 10th board examination certificate of other boards and ICSE board gets considered for the exam. 
  4. The student should pass his/her 10th board examination by at least more than 60%. 
  5. The student should have about 75% attendance record. 
  6. Proper online registration forms.
  7. NO age restriction gets followed for ISC board exams. 
  8. The student should select five elective subjects. 
  9. English subject is compulsory, so the student should be prompt in this language. 
  10. Admits cards are necessary for the examination purpose. 

Condition for Entry in ISC Board of Education:

  1. Indian School Certificate Examination requires eligible candidates who have entered for the first time should have 75% attendance of the working days.
  2. Candidates can enter this Board from different boards, but the Head makes the final decision of the School. 
  3. Students should clear the entrance examination to get a seat in this Board. The online mode mainly conducts the exams. 
  4. Students those who have passed certificates will get promoted to enter the supplementary pass certificate in any/all of the subjects preferred by ISC examinations for the students. 
  5. Candidates who clear the online examination get the permit to enter the ISC Board of Education.
  6. Any student irrespective of age criteria can enter this Board of Education.


All the rules, regulations, and guidelines need to get followed thoroughly to enter the ISC examinations. 

And any mistakes in this process can result in the disqualification of the candidate.


(i) There should not be any case where the Head of the affiliated schools will detain the eligible candidates. If the student passes all the eligibility criteria but fails to have 75% attendance. Then in this case candidate can get disqualified.


(ii) The candidate will get disqualified if any affiliated school shall try to present any student who does belong to their School or is not listed in the school roll. 


Thus, in any case, if the Council has any reasons to believe that the respective School has not followed the guidelines mentioned. Then the Council can take necessary actions, and the candidate of that affiliate school can get disqualified. 

Final Words!

Thus these all details are referred to as the eligibility criteria for ISC examination. All the rules and regulations have to get followed strictly. Or it may result in the disqualification of the candidate. So, it gets cleared from the details that the ISC board of Education strictly follows its guidelines, and if anyone tries to violate it, then they get disqualified. Therefore, proper preparation and following every single rule is the only way to get elected for ISC examinations. 

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