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You can spend the baggage hold stroller or in hand luggage and / or at the door of the aircraft (if your stroller is compact and lightweight, see our comparison) and thus have available before entering the plane or just after the flight. Of course, the rules according to the airlines also vary: you can find at the bottom of the article the conditions of the different airlines for transporting baby strollers by plane.

Free baby stroller on plane

First of all, be aware that most airlines allow you to board with a jewish baby stroller for free (usually even with another accessory, in this case both in the hold!). Please note that we are talking about strollers here only, this does not include your carrycot and / or your shell. If you have a baby in a shell or carrycot this counts as 2 items. To see if the set fits in the same bag, how the airlines count the set: 1 baby accessories or two? Then remains to register the stroller. So how do you get your stroller on the plane?

Putting a stroller in the hold of the plane: how does it work?

If your jewish baby stroller is not a cane stroller, you will have no choice and you will have to put your stroller in the hold! 3-wheel, 4-wheel strollers with saddlebag underneath, strollers that are too big, too heavy (over 5kg) etc., all must join the bunkers!

You must then have it checked in like your other baggage! It will be weighed, labeled. Keep the receipts well in case of a hazardous arrival. Be careful for strollers over 9kgs, some companies may charge for luggage. Make sure that no thongs, straps or other pieces of the stroller can come loose or get caught on the airport conveyor belts.

To remedy this: 2 solutions! You invest in a very large stroller protection bag to be able to fit your stroller, or you use the packaging provided in most airports (sometimes paying but with insurance! But I do not know more because for us it’s was free!) And you roll up your stroller as compactly as possible, making sure to leave the labels visible!

Drop off your stroller with bulky luggage

Often, when checking in your baggage, the airline employee will have given you an alternate check-in location for your stroller. It will therefore be necessary to redo the line! So allow a little more time, but in general it is a recording where there are not many people unless you are on a very family flight! Only pushchairs that   meet certain dimensions and weight criteria! In general, it is a little complicated than that because there should not be too many children in the flight. Your stroller can then either be stored on the plane in a hold accessible from the inside and there it will be easy to retrieve it or it will leave for an outside hold and you will have to wait longer on arrival! Do not hesitate to ask the hostesses again a little before landing because they may have forgotten the flight time.

What is legal aid?

This is a system implemented by the State and which, under certain means-tested conditions, allows the State to cover you is the lawfare project. It is an advantageous system that one should not hesitate to use. On the other hand, it is imperative to ensure in advance that the lawyer accepts this mode of operation. This mode of operation is obviously only possible in the event that the dispute relates to a sum of money or will allow you to obtain one. If your dispute concerns the cancellation of a building permit, there is no sum of money involved; the fee agreement is therefore inapplicable. On the other hand, if you attack your employer in connection with a dismissal and you hope to obtain compensation, the fee agreement is possible.