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Kandypens; Perfect Brand Collection



Trendy and well-liked, we’re positive that you just have seen pictures of your favorite celebrities using a number of Kandypens completely different choices. This is the new wave of vaping technology and you are definitely going to want to hop on in the initial stages just so that you can boast that you’ve tried them first! It’s always great to be an early adopter and when you are using the different product from this line, you are going to be the envy of all of your friends. Kandypens brand collection understands the importance of having options that will assist in suiting your lifestyle, it’s a good idea to have a more discrete option around that will be able to come along on your travels and this collection really caters to that and understands how we can all use a way to be able to keep things convenient. Whenever you utilize it you’re attending to be certain some very great vape sessions that cause you to happy that you just branched out and tried them. Only a few different makers provide that sort of peace-of-mind to their fans. Please see elaborate data on all wax models this whole should provide below:


If you’re involved regarding preventing combustion and need to confirm that your clouds tastes great and is as swish as potential, create the KandyPens Donuts vaporizer your pick! just like the Galaxy, the Donuts permits you to choose your most popular setting from 3 heat levels and encompasses a munificently sized .5-gram chamber. What makes this vape distinctive is its ceramic chamber and disc sprayer with featured SloBurn Technology, which heats up material at a slower pace to greatly cut back the chance of combustion.


KandyPens is understood for creating terribly prime quality vaporizers, and each time they unharness a replacement model, it continuously creates a buzz. One amongst the latest innovation in their assortment is that the Gravity Vaporizer, created for solid waxy concentrates. there’s plenty to like regarding this vape, as KandyPens has improved the quartz and ceramic sprayer technology and in doing, therefore, have created the Gravity one amongst the simplest wax pens around. It doesn’t get any higher than the Gravity’s sprayer, that options dual-quartz rods wrapped in premium metal coils yet as a total quartz chamber.


The KandyPens Galaxy is ideal for enthusiasts who need giant cloud sizes, premium quality vapor, and extremely quick heat-up. This wax vaporizer pen includes 2 premium quality quartz rods, every wrapped with metal coil, that reach operating temperature quickly and stay at a homogenous heat throughout the operation. With 3 temperature levels to settle on from, the dab pen permits you to customize your vaping expertise to fit your materials. Its innovative elevated airflow system keeps air moving freely through the unit to stop clogs, and greatly reduces the chance of leaky. A deep chamber permits you to load a generous quantity of fabric yet.

Galaxy Tornado

Galaxy Tornado Edition by KandyPens is here and sweeping across the planet. With AN adjustable air-flow system, this wax vaporizer pen options the flexibility to manage the intake of air to customize your expertise. Powered by a temperature-controlled battery, the Galaxy Tornado offers 3 completely different temperature settings, in order that once the stream of air and warmth are altered in such some way, the vapor created evolves yet, resulting in results that are distinctive all of the time – each time. The purity created by the crystal quartz lined heating chamber ensures that concentrates retain their flavor as you vaporize.

KandyPens mini

KandyPens mini vaporizer is meant to supply swish clouds of vapor, as this next generation vape is powered by a 950 mAh lithium-ion battery that may be used at 3 completely different temperatures. Deep dish chamber with AN air-flow system protects the mini from escape and like the entire product by this whole battery comes with a lifetime warranty to grant you the peace of mind you merit. This sub-ohm vape isn’t only a superior machine, however, is as trendy and applied science in concert will only want.

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