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Kate Middleton Sends a secret Message to Donald Trump with Her Tiara Choice



The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, made an unspoken statement with her outfit at the U.S. State Dinner at Buckingham Palace. The subtle message Kate Middleton sent Donald Trump with her choice of tiara Middleton’s tiara choice for the U.S. State Dinner not only looked stunning on her but it sent the subtle message to President Trump.

The Kate Middleton sent Donald Trump a secret signal that was the Duchess of Cambridge along with the rest of the British royal family respects the late Diana, Princess of Wales and that they will always love her and continues to honor her legacy.

Princess Diana is known to have been fond of the lover’s knot tiara and now it’s become Middleton’s favorite tiara to don for special occasions.

Per royal etiquette, married women in the British royal family are allowed to wear tiaras at very formal occasions like a state dinner or for ceremonial purposes.

Donald Trump’s comments about Kate Middleton in 2012

While vacationing at a 640-acre estate in Provence, France, paparazzi took photographs of Middleton sunbathing topless from about half a mile away with a heavy duty zoom lens, according to Vogue.

After the photographs were initially published, Trump took to twitter to share his feelings about the topless photographs.

How Old Was Princess Diana When She Died?

Arguably the most popular member of the royal family of all time has been Princess Diana. Although her life was cut tragically short, she was beloved the world over for her commitment to charitable causes, her great love for her children, and the sweet relationship that she had with the adoring public.

Even though her life was full of great tragedy, she kept a positive attitude through it all, determined to create the best life possible for her two boys, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Princess Diana’s early life

Born in 1961, Princess Diana was a Spencer by birth, a family of British nobles. In spite of her posh surroundings, her childhood was full of sadness. Her parents had a strained relationship and divorced when she was only seven years old. Young Diana would spend the next several years being shuttled back and forth between her parents.

She would go on to say that her childhood was quite unhappy perhaps one reason why she tried so hard to give her children a normal life.

Princess Diana met Prince Charles when she was only sixteen. At the time, Prince Charles was dating her older sister, Lady Sarah Spencer. It seems that from the beginning, Prince Charles took notice of her, although the two did not start dating until a few years after that initial meeting. As he was receiving pressure from his family to marry someone suitable, he started courting Princess Diana.

She was a reluctant royal

Although Princess Diana welcomed the attention of Prince Charles and was said to be very much in love with him, she wasn’t quite sure how to handle all the media attention that she started receiving. However, the press and the public couldn’t get enough of her; kick starting a fascination with Princess Diana that lasts to this day.

In 1981, Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married. At only twenty years old, Princess Diana was very young, but the world loved watching the fairytale wedding that was broadcast around the world.

Princess Diana looked stunning in a puff-sleeved, flowy white dress with a long veil, surrounded by tiny pageboys and flower girls. She seemed just like a princess from a classic story – sadly, their love story wouldn’t have such a happy ending.

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