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LaserGlow Spa Teeth Whitening Top Secret By Dental Hygienist David Hanna



Our smile can make contacts, be remembered, shine, break the ice and infect. With sparkling white teeth, it is of course easy to smile. But now there are some myths, tips and trends about the subject of white teeth. How do you get white teeth quickly and painlessly? Does black activated charcoal really make teeth white? Can you whiten teeth naturally? Which home remedies for white teeth really work? How does professional teeth whitening work? David Hanna clear up all questions and shed light on the subject of teeth whitening.

 What helps with yellow teeth?

Healthy teeth are naturally white teeth. Proper dental care and oral hygiene is an absolute requirement for white teeth. Once the teeth are discolored, it becomes much more difficult to get them gleaming white again. It is smarter to prevent discoloration and not to allow it in the first place. A complete tooth brushing routine including tongue cleaning and cleaning of inter dental spaces, which you pull through at least twice a day, forms the basis for a radiant smile. In addition, the dentist should carry out a professional teeth cleaning around once a year. And of course you can also avoid all foods and habits that cause discoloration. Here we will show you how all of this works and how your teeth stay white for a long time. But when the time comes and your teeth are discolored, is there an opportunity to get white teeth? The answer is yes, as there are different ways to get your teeth white again.

Teeth whitening: you should know that

With gel, with aligners, with adhesive strips, with professional tools, at the dentist and at home bleaching take place everywhere. The aim is always to remove the yellow discoloration from the tooth, sometimes more gently, sometimes more aggressively, depending on the method. In any case, the prerequisite is that your teeth are healthy and free of holes or inflammation. Otherwise, teeth whitening can do more harm than shine. Bleaching with a special gel is one of the most common teeth whitening practices. The chemical gel is composed of carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. You can get it directly from the dentist together with a custom-made splint for your teeth, but you can then use it yourself at home. The dentist can also bring out more powerful guns, namely ambulatory bleaching using laser therapy. For those who prefer treatment with immediate effects, power bleaching can be the right method. After two to three sessions in the dentist’s office, all deposits are removed and the teeth are sparkling clean and super bright.

Whiter Teeth with Home Remedies?

Home remedies for teeth whitening are repeatedly touted as hot insider tips, become beauty trends and circulate on social media through lifehack posts and tutorials. But which home remedies actually work? Which chemical-free natural agents make teeth whiter?

Spices: Baking powder, but also salt and turmeric have an abrasive effect. The high abrasion in combination with the toothbrush actually makes the teeth whiter at first. However, the emery effect leads to cracks in the tooth enamel. This not only makes the teeth more sensitive, but also more prone to future discoloration. Coloring particles are deposited in the cracks and make the teeth more yellow than before. With particularly long intensive use, even the yellow dentine can shine through the tooth enamel.

Fruits: Lemons and strawberries are said to lighten thanks to fruit acid. The results are similar to teeth whitening through friction. At first glance, natural acid whitening works. At the same time, however, the tooth surface is attacked. The result: the teeth become more sensitive to pain, then discolor more quickly and are more prone to tooth decay.

Banana: The inside of the banana peel is supposed to have a lightening effect. There are no studies that can prove this, only experience reports of self-experiments. However, what speaks in favor of the method is that it does not harm the tooth. The particularly gentle banana bleaching is at least worth a try. Simply rub the inside of the banana peel into your teeth, let the natural remedy work for a few minutes and then brush your teeth as usual.

Coconut oil: Or other vegetable oils are said to improve oral health significantly. According to Ayurvedic teachings, oil pulling has been used for centuries to detoxify the oral cavity. The practice has been proven to prevent tooth decay and inflammation, but the oil cannot dissolve any discolouration. However, by generally improving dental health, the oil pulling method prevents yellow teeth. To do this, put a tablespoonful of oil in your mouth in the morning, before you let anything else on your teeth, and rinse the entire mouth thoroughly. After a maximum of 15 minutes, spit out the oil and brush your teeth as usual.