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Last-Minute Office Shopping? Here Are 7 Gift Ideas For Your Boss!



Giving gifts to your bosses is a more normal gesture than you think. We present our bosses, managers, and superiors a token of appreciation for taking care of us and guiding us in our careers. However, our relationship with our bosses is not entirely that of a personal one. Meaning, we have little to no idea about which gift will suit them or which item they would appreciate more. We would not want to give a gift that would all be in vain, don’t we? With this matter, we got you covered! We list down below a list of gift ideas that your boss will surely love!

1.     Luxury watches from

We are going to start this list with something grand: luxury watches. If you work in the corporate world among executives, luxury watches will be a brilliant choice as a gift for your boss. State-of-the-art watch brands such as Rolex, Omega, or Cartier will surely make your boss remember you fondly. If you want something unique from all those famous Swiss-brand watches, you can try out the just as famous German brands such as Glashutte Original—a brand known for its precision as it aided aircraft soldiers during the war. Seiko is also a popular brand and a more affordable choice.

2.     Rory Charging Station by Mele & Co.

For a more affordable yet just as useful for a gift, we fell in love at first sight with this charging station from Mele & Co. It is a box with different compartments in which you will put your phone, tablet, and other trinkets. This cushioned charging station will perfectly fit the owner’s phone and tablet while serving also as a jewelry holder. Gift this to your boss as a perfect décor to their desk and even bedroom. You might even want to grab one, yourself.

3.     Portable Mini Humidifier by Ornalry

A lot of professionals today love installing humidifiers in their offices for a more relaxing aroma. Of course, working on lots of tasks and answering demanding quotas daily will really leave you stressed. To ease this stress, especially as experience probably by your boss, show them great concern by gifting them one of these sleek portable humidifiers by Ornalry. This will not only make your boss feel more relaxed in their own office but also add an aesthetic appeal to their office.

4.     Unique Bamboo Cheese Board by Royal Craft Wood

Is your boss one of those who loves wine parties? Are they one of those who love to cap off a stressful night with a glass of wine and fine sides? Unless you talk about those stuff with your boss or unless you ask, we will never know. However, you can invite this fine hobby to your boss by gifting them an elegant cheese board. Your boss will find many uses for this because of its unique design. Your boss would not find their food to be absorbing any smell because of this board’s high-quality bamboo material.

5.     Cold Brew Coffee Maker by Osaka

If your boss is one of those millennial iced coffee lovers, they will also love this gift. We all find it hard to make cold brew coffee unless we have packed lots of ice, although that messes up the exquisite taste of the coffee.  This Osaka Cold Brew Coffee Maker will be an excellent gift for your coffee lover boss who enjoys cold brew coffee to jump-start their day. On top of this, cold brew can be expensive. Getting one from the nearest coffee shop can sometimes be a bother. With this coffee maker, your boss can just set it up in the pantry or their office and wait for it to do its magic.

6.     Brewing Basket by Finum

If your boss is more of a tea-lover, this Finum Brewing Basket will be a useful gift for them. Many love this brewing basket because of its durability. You can just throw them in the dishwasher, and they can last for years without a single sign of wearing. It also has a lid that can help keep your tea nice and warm. For a more chic and convenient way of drinking tea, your boss will love this item.

7.     NBR-0601 Nutrient Extractor, 600W by NutriBullet

Your boss can enjoy making smoothies out of healthy food from this mini blender. If you have a boss who is a health junkie, this fast and easy blender will make nutritious smoothies in an instant. This mini blender is also easy to clean. You would just twist off the blade and rinse it.

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Here are just some gift ideas we think your boss would like. Most of these items are available online for your convenience, like Amazon and Check them out now!