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“Living in Color: A Love Story, In Sickness and In Health” by Mike Murphy Shares a Realistic, Honest Account of Cancer Treatment and Being a Caretaker, Underlined by The Powers of Faith and Love



Cancer affects millions of people worldwide, but rarely are the stories of patients and their loved ones handled so masterfully as Mike Murphy’s recent memoir, “Living in Color: A Love Story, In Sickness and In Health.”

Through a detailed, brutally honest telling of his wife Margot’s nine-year battle, Murphy frames their shared story against a backdrop of enduring love, faith, and partnership that helps the couple face their worst days with strength and tender wisdom. Released on October 12, 2021, this memoir is a love story at its core, opening with the romantic beginnings of the relationship between Margot and Mike and the obstacles they faced to be together – including being married to other people. 

Falling in love with one another allowed them both to truly live their lives “in color,” but just nine months into their marriage, Margot is diagnosed with breast cancer. The resulting journey through treatment, facing mortality, navigating troublesome doctors, and suffering through the worst days of the illness is described in full detail. This heart wrenching account not only provides a realistic view of battling cancer, but also an intimate look at what it means to be a caretaker suffering alongside a loved one. 

While the story itself is tragic, the message of this book is incredibly hopeful and empowering. Margot’s vibrant personality shines through the narrative. She faces her fight with faith and wisdom, reflecting on her own life, the love she shares with Mike, and how to handle setbacks with dignity and courage. Coupled with more than 60 photos of Margot, readers get to know this amazing woman who lived with love and compassion even through pain and fear of death. 

In a recent endorsement from Mariel Hemingway – an author, Oscar-nominated actress, and granddaughter of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Ernest Hemingway – she says of the book:

“Mike’s abiding, almost reverent, love for his wife shines through every page, even as he unflinchingly details what it’s like to go through the treatments, the sleepless nights, the victories, and the setbacks. He skillfully weaves those difficult memories with beautiful remembrances of their time together, letting us see Margot’s courage and resilience along with her gentle, hope-filled wisdom.”

Even after Margot’s passing, Mike Murphy continues to share her legacy, reflecting that their love continues to help him grow into a better person and see the world as a colorful, beautiful place. In her honor, Murphy founded the Love From Margot Foundation, which partners with the Mountains of Hope holistic healing center to provide natural treatment protocols for women with breast cancer who may be uninsured or struggling financially. 

Marked with moments of genuine intimacy, palpable love, and even bursts of humor in the face of adversity, Murphy’s memoir isn’t just a sad story or tearful tribute to his late wife. This amazing story is also an uplifting reminder to fully embrace the time we have with those we love. Through powerful faith, Margot is able to come to terms with her illness, and the author shares much of her wisdom throughout the pages of this book. 

A must read for people in the midst of their own battle with cancer, those who have lost a loved one, or anyone looking for a hopeful, inspirational message in the wake of tragedy, “Living In Color: A Love Story, In Sickness and In Health” is simultaneously a beautiful tribute to Margot, a transparent account of being a caretaker that loses a spouse, and ultimately, a guide to traversing difficult circumstances with hope, faith, perseverance, and love. 

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