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Lordcntero : Carlos Cantero an Instagram Influencer, entrepreneur and investor



What were you doing when you were a teenager? This is what Carlos Cantero was doing, you may not recognize Carlos Cantero’s real name, but I am pretty sure you have seen at least once one of his memes.

He has two ‘internet names’, lordcntero which is his alias / Instagram handle, and “killjongun”, that’s also the handle of the Instagram account where he got famous. He started publishing memes there, at first just for him to check them later, and now he is getting paid for publishing the same kind of memes.

I am sure you already know who Carlos is, but there are some fascinating facts about the young influencer that you may haven’t seen before, some of them are crazy as his young age, and the number of followers he do accumulate these days.

Facts about Carlos Cantero:

  1. Carlos Cantero is the real name of Lordcntero, but you probably know him by his Instagram handle.
  2. He is only 19 years old, which is crazy considering he started being famous on Instagram 2 years ago.
  3. He was born at Madrid, Spain, where is currently living.
  4. His mother language is Spanish.
  5. At first, his account wasn’t made for the public, he created it as a private ‘meme-gallery’.
  6. His account was created with an anonymous intention, his face wasn’t public before.
  7. @lordcntero is interested in making some investment in crypto-currency’s business.
  8. He is very good at investments, even if he isn’t rich.
  9. His Instagram account @killjongun started growing 2 years ago, and now it ‘s followed by more than 130.000 people.
  10. He have NEVER used bots, or any service to making his follower count bigger.
  11. @lordcntero, which is currently his personal account, was too his own personal account before the fame, he just archived all the personal picture he published before.
  12. Carlos didn’t expected the crazy numbers he is reaching, nowadays he is getting used to it, be he told us that he is still getting shocked by the amount of people that knows him.
  13. He spends a lot of time learning about Instagram algorithm.
  14. He sponsored a lot of the TOP Spanish brands, and some of the biggest international companies.
  15. Carlos isn’t getting any money by running his personal account, he just do it for the fun.
  16. The account is a way of helping people like him too, he is giving a lot of life-tips.

The young influencer is receiving a lot of support these days, because people like the way he is, he is just a ‘natural influencer’, he isn’t selling a lifestyle, or the ideal life, is just a normal 19 years-old kid, living a normal life, but with an huge communication power, that he uses to share his life’s knowledge with their young fans.

Carlos Cantero’s presence on social media:

As we have said multiple times, Carlos have two completely different account on social media, the first one, and the biggest, is “killjongun”, is the account where he started, he wasn’t even having a personal account before creating Killjongun, and there is where his memes, and funny videos are getting published. And his other, and more personal account, is “lordcntero”, there is where he publish his daily routine, his lifestyle, and some humoristic pictures, as the one that we can see right here.

People just like him the way he is, and he really encourage everybody to be as they are, we should all be the way we are, not the way people want us to be!

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