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Luv Docta, a soul musician, entertainer, actor, writer, and speaker



Since sex and music are truly universal, it seems reasonable that they have engaged in conflict regularly throughout time. Everyone has heard at least a few of songs that never stop about sex, desire, passion, and everything in between. Since 2019, Shondell Coleman, aka The Luv Docta, has been sharing his love stories with the world via the creation of great recordings like “Falling in Luv” with Chicago singer Sashagohard and “Great Sex.”

His entire discography simply makes you feel better. He has the ability to drop bars, incite a dance club environment, display expressive lyrics, and enchant us with R&B soul. Coleman really captures the essence of “Luv Docta,” stretching the boundaries of what feelings and music can do. With his most recent song, “Freak” featuring YGB Tsunami, which was released on Friday (May 5), Luv Docta takes us on another crazy journey.

“I got this shorty on my line, got good vibes and she a freak (freak). I put my hand up on her thigh (thigh), I hit that hole just like a blitz.” “Ain’t put in work don’t sit with me, I bet that money make her wet (wet), we in the water with them Jets, I got Victoria Secret kept, I got them tools on the shelf, I throw that money in the air”, raps Luv in the opening verse and chorus of the obscene song.

Enthusiastic and dedicated Luv is working hard on business strategies to get his music in front of a large audience, embracing each opportunity that strengthens his position as an artist.

I am Dawn Wells.