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Majed Veysel Has A Great Philosophy.



Photography and architecture are becoming much of the essence of the art these days. Majed Veysel is one of the Photographers from Aleppo who is creating the art from the black and white photographs and getting much fan base from across the globe.  He has around 100,000 followers on Instagram who follows his pictures and praise him daily.

He is the inspiration of many of the people in the field of Art and even though there is much competition around the world in this field still he is competing with the high percentage and output.  The reason is that the photographs he makes don’t have any boundary of the colors. If the photograph is black and white then, only the real essence of the photograph will be the prime attraction in the eyes of the viewer. Because of his architecture experience, he mostly takes pictures of the buildings and the real essence of the building can only be achieved if the photograph is black and white.

When you are going to take the photograph of the building then the attention is on the shape of the building and black and white can maximize that experience. Even though, he is from the East still he is getting prestige from the Western world and he has been shown on big channels like Fox News and many other TV channels.  The reason is that the art has no limits and the followers he has on Instagram are from at least a hundred different countries.  Mostly from the European and western world.

Majed Veysel has the great philosophy of choosing the buildings which are attractive enough to take the photograph of.  He first creates the image in his mind about the building and checks if that building can convey the message and the story he likes.  The building which can give him the answer is the prime building it is the photograph of and conveys the story he made in his mind.  First, the story is in your mind then the story comes on the concrete output.  He follows this ideology and that is why He can create the amazing art piece from the photograph of the architectural places, both the things in which he specializes.

He is a great photographer and architecture with the experience behind his back.  Some many awards and recognitions have been given especially in the media field. Majed Veysel has also become a good part of Turkey when he graduated over there.  If the people are interested in knowing more about this person then the right approach is to direct mail him and get to know more about this person.

Majed Veysel mostly gets the recognition on the Instagram application and that is why you can also connect with him by directly messaging him on Instagram. But he has the big fan base and that is why he might not respond much earlier but he will respond.

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