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Mangosteen LLC’s new game Hyper Soccer breaks new Play Store record



Mangosteen LLC has broken their record in the Play Store with their new trending game “Hyper Soccer.” Trending in over 5 different countries this soccer game is for sure a statement to other big game developers in the Google Play Store that Mangosteen LLC is and will continue to dominate the charts with fun and creatively built games.

Using social media and getting big influencers to push their games, they have taken huge strides in the mobile gaming universe. They are officially, now in the top 10% in the world (thanks to Google Play Store) and by the looks of their download counts and active social media accounts they are climbing faster then any other mobile gaming company.

Have you played Hyper Soccer yet? Hyper Soccer is one of those games you can keep playing for hours on end. The game is fast-paced and tense at the same time as the main purpose is to score as many times as you can without getting the ball out or getting tackled. That’s what makes their games unique and fun – simple and addictive yet hard to master. At this current time Hyper Soccer is trending in Brazil, Turkey, UK and Singapore. Most of these countries have a big soccer (or as some call it Football) culture and they are betting big on that.

Their other games that are also picking up steam is Blob Run, Baseball Blast, One Punch 3D and RoofTop KO. As we are in the 4th month in 2021 we are hoping to see more games being released by them. Hyper Soccer is their first published game of 2021 and though they were putting out a game per month in 2020 they seemed to have slowed down on releasing more games and rather spent more time (and money I’m guessing) on marketing and pushing their games to their intended audiences.

With the mobile gaming industry being as competitive as it is, it will be interesting to see how Mangosteen LLC continues to grow this year. They have told us they will eventually do a full roll out into the App store towards the end of 2021 which will be exciting for Apple users and help Mangosteen get a bigger chuck of the mobile gaming market share.

The Global Mobile Gaming Market is expected to grow by a massive $3.66 billion during the 2021-2025 cycle. With the lockdowns easing, the growth is not expected to fast as it was in 2020. So what can we expect from mobile gaming industry this year? Let’s hope for more creative and fun games that we can all enjoy. Mangosteen LLC is one example of a successful indie game development company that has successfully used social media to generate audiences attention and in turn becoming a big player in one of the biggest toughest markets to crack.

You can download Hyper Soccer exclusively at the Google Play Store

You can also visit their website and follow their social media accounts at