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Marathon-Viewing: 6 Different Anime Sites You Can Enjoy for Binge-Watching



Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people choose to stay at home most of the time. Because of this, many people spend so much time watching their favorite movies and shows. The same thing goes for all anime fans worldwide. However, access to popular animes may seem to be limited. 

Don’t worry because this article will provide you with many options for safe sites to view your favorite anime. These are websites that are free of malware or computer viruses that can give you access to anime with subtitles and dubs, and of course, with videos of high quality. Hence, read this article until the end so you would know the different anime sites that you can truly enjoy for binge-watching.


The MyAnimeList is one of the reliable free anime sites that many people access online. It’s a website that provides the viewers with the necessary information, such as rankings of anime in the public interest, reviews from different people, and schedules or time slots for new anime releases. The MyAnimeList website is also a place of trending and latest anime series that many people have been waiting for for months or years. 

As mentioned earlier, MyAnimeList will give you a list of anime based on its current popularity to a wide range of anime fans worldwide. When you’re following an anime series, you would know the cast members, number of seasons and episodes, and the trailer, if available.  Hence, if there’s a particular anime you’ve been waiting to be released soon, you can check MyAnimeList to see its possible release date. 


Animo is an engaging online platform. It makes the members take part in sharing their thoughts and opinions regarding a particular subject. In fact, Animo has been popular with avid anime fans and K-pop die-hard supporters around the world. This is a website that significantly builds an interactive community.

As mentioned earlier, each user can share their thoughts and opinions by posting any content or blog, start relevant polls, and many others. Most of the time, people on this online platform usually talk about a particular anime that makes a public trend. Hence, if you want to explore the anime world and hear any suggestions and opinions from your fellow avid anime fan, Amino is perfect for you. 


This ChasingAnime is a website for different anime lovers in various genres. You can find on the website many exciting written articles about anime that you can read for free. Some articles discuss a particular title of an anime, talking about details, such as the characters, plot, twists, and resolution. 

There are also other good reads talking about different weapons used by their favorite anime characters and the power they have. Hence, if you’re new in this anime world and you become very interested in it, ChasingAnime will significantly help you find your genre and the new ones that trend in the market. 

Amazon Prime Video

The websites discussed above are free of charge that you can enjoy watching your anime. However, most of these sites will give you limited access to your favorites, and sometimes they only offer choices or selections of anime to choose from. Besides that, if the particular anime isn’t available on these websites, they will give you a few links to access and watch them. 

These are for the free websites, but you’ll have a way different binge-watching experience with the paid ones. An example is Amazon Prime Video. This site will require you to create an account and sign up for a paid subscription every month. On this platform, you’ll be given access to tons of on-demand anime that you’ll surely love to watch, both the newly released and the old ones. 


Another online platform that will give you access to your favorite anime is Netflix. It also requires you to sign up for a subscription that you need to pay every month. Netflix has been popular for many people worldwide as it always brings the best quality of digital releases, both new and old ones, especially anime. 

Hence, Netflix is one of the most recommended sites for all anime lovers. It includes the features of quality and reliable subtitles and dubs. While you always stay at home during this pandemic, you’ll surely enjoy your time watching all your favorite anime. 


As mentioned earlier, because of the pandemic, many people from different countries around the world always choose to be at home. Because of this, the avid anime fans out there take a chance to spend more time with their binge-watching hobby. If you’re one of them, as you search on the internet, you may find tons of websites to give you free access to your favorite anime series or shows. 

However, not all of them are reliable and safe, and sometimes you can’t find a particular anime you love to watch. Hence, the next time you want to do marathon-viewing with your favorite animes, don’t forget to check the different websites discussed above.