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Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year



People around the world celebrate Christmas on an annual basis for religious or social reason.  From the religious aspect, celebrating Christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.  From the social aspect, Christmas is a great occasion to bond with family and friends and to celebrate the end of the year with happiness and gratitude.

There are a variety of meaningful ways to celebrate Christmas.  Firstly, as Christmas is a season of giving, we can celebrate Christmas by bringing joy to the less privileged ones.  We can organise a half day event for the elderly at the old folks’ home or the children in the orphanage.  During this half day event, we plan games and activities for them to enjoy and end the event with giving each of the beneficiary a Christmas gift handmade by us.  Receiving a handmade gift speaks volumes of our love and care for them and it is a great way to spread the Christmas festive mood.

Secondly, for those who prefer intimate Christmas celebration, we can plan a Christmas celebration in the comfort of home.  It is great to involve the family members in the preparation so that we can build up the mood leading to the merry celebration.  For example, the family members can start planning the theme for the Christmas and then come up with the decoration.  They can also start coming up with the Christmas menu which includes the family members’ favourites dishes and Christmas goodies.  It will be great to include some games to inject fun and laughter to the whole celebration.  Having games such as Dirty Santa gift exchange will definitely bring laughs among the family members.  It is entertaining to see fellow family members receiving a white elephant gift in a funny and awkward way.  If family members do not know what is the suitable Dirty Santa gift to buy, fret not, there are numerous good Dirty Santa gift ideas that they can check out from the internet.

Thirdly, another significant to celebrate Christmas in a non-traditional way is to organise healthy and outdoor activities.  For example, you can schedule for hikes or nature walks with family and friends.  Strolling or hiking through the nature trails in chilly weather and ending the walk with piping hot drinks and Christmas goodies such as cookies and sweets or watching sunset is a special way to celebrate Christmas.  The travel goers can play Christmas songs as background music during the trip to make it a merry and Christmassy event.

Lastly, for the health fanatics, another way to celebrate Christmas in December is via a Christmas workout session which includes cardio workout sessions which you do to the beat of the Christmas songs to keep everyone fit and healthy in a festive way.  You may have some Christmas themed smoothies and healthy snacks to end the workout session in jolly and merry manner.

The above are great meaningful ways for you to consider on how to celebrate Christmas for the coming month.  Whichever way you choose, be sure to stay happy and merry.