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Meet Giulia Frangiluna: The Italian Music Producer Changing The Game



Giulia Frangiluna is an Italian talented music producer, artist and fashion designer making her mark in the industry. The former marketer turned producer has hit the industry with a solid wave of unique, thrilling, and captivating sounds. Giulia has already served the industry with hits, including debut single, Feel At Home and two EPs “Infinite Horizons,” “Moon” available on most music streaming platforms.

Giulia has chosen to take a different path from what most modern-day artists or producers might think of. The future-oriented producer spotted a gap in the Youtube market where content creators sought music for their videos. With this in mind, Carlton took to creating music that would help them make their videos more engaging. As a result, the high-quality montage music he creates is in high demand.

Montage music is important for YouTube compilation videos as it sets the tone for the video. Content creators use light and amusing music to portray the tone of their videos, or they need something that sounds equally as solemn if they want to do something more serious. A beat drop, for example, can assist in elevating a compilation, giving the production excitement.
With the desire to scale and grow his brand, Giulia is working hard to create a range of different styles and hopes to release new music within the next few months.

“I’m just trying to create a different lane for myself and do something different. It’s been a long time coming, but I saw that my clients had a need for quality montage music, and I knew it was something I could tackle,” Giulia explains.
Finding a working formula balancing music and family was Giulia’s biggest challenge. It is not easy finding the balance between being there for your family and giving your all to your job. Work-life and family life can both not be ignored. Giulia has worked from home for eight years now, and it’s very hard to stop working when you do it at home.

In the coming years, Giulia wants to see her brand grow and become internationally recognized, if not a global household name. She also aspires to have her music fill the gap in the YouTube market and become the go-to sound for any YouTube content. Her biggest dream is to realize her goals as early as possible and helpfully retire at 30 and spend the rest of her life with her family.