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Meet the Enterprising and Massively Successful Ashton Henry



Born in Grenada in the winter of ’83, Ashton was always cut out to make a name for himself. As he did so, he also realized he wished to help others along the way. Time to meet the successful entrepreneur and best-selling author.

Before Ashton became a sensation in entrepreneurship and publishing, he worked in construction and admission enrollment at the university level. He says, “I have always had a strong affiliation towards institutes of learning. When I worked in admission enrollment, I got a chance to observe the youth who will be making decisions for us and our world in the near future. I got to know them well. Needless to say, those observations come in very handy when I work with or address young entrepreneurs today. Being in construction also helped me learn the importance of depending on yourself to get work done while learning how to co-operate and collaborate with others.”

Ashton is a full-time entrepreneur today. His insights and guiding principles in the world of finance, credit, taxes, real estate, and investment are much sought-after in the market. His work has not only drawn his clients towards him but even the authorities have bestowed numerous accolades on him. He is a recipient of the Co-Founders Award with his company (the biggest award in this business) and has been a speaker at the GoPro International Conference and the Caribbean Students’ Association. Additionally, he has appeared on the Steve Harvey show four times, and is the founder of the Alliance and Alliance Nation private Facebook groups with a network of over 45,000 individuals and counting. Talking about his various achievements, Ashton says, “A success when recognized turns into a motivating factor for me. It keeps me driven to do my best and deliver on what I have set out to do in my life.”

There comes a time in the life of every entrepreneur when they wish to share their wealth of knowledge. For Ashton, that turning point came when he realized he wanted to write a book. “The Chemistry of Credit” is his endeavor to help people learn about the power of their credit and how to utilize that power to break free from their caged lifestyles. Talking about his book, he says, “Credit literacy is a pre-requisite for you whether you are an entrepreneur or not. The knowledge, when applied, puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life instead of riding shotgun to your debts and loans.”

Ashton also seems to have cracked open the hard shell of work-life balance. He’s happily married to his wife Ebony and raising his son Aiden with love and guidance.