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Mel The Marketer Digital Marketing Specialists FB, IG & Twitter Verification Specialists Melanie Lorenzo



Melanie Lorenzo also known as Mel The Marketer has been a digital marketer since 2014. Melanie is the owner of Boss Marketing & Boss Verification.

Boss Marketing is a digital marketing agency helping local businesses increase their revenue through digital strategies. These strategies include Search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, Retargeting, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Posting, Website Design/Development) etc. Melanie Lorenzo/ Mel The Marketer does a market analysis on all her new clients and creates a customized digital strategy for their business based on your goals and aspirations.

Boss Verifications is a Press & Instagram/Facebook Verification company. Melanie Lorenzo, the founder, helps Artists, Influencers, Entrepreneurs & Businesses men and women establish their brand. Mel The Marketer also helps brands get their blue verification badge on Instagram. She helps brands establish an online presence by creating press on popular and high authority websites. All of Boss Verification’s clients get a personalized press package; specifically made for them and their brand. The blue verification badge gives you credibility as a brand. It is a great marketing tool because Instagram favors verified accounts, and more people want to network.

Melanie Lorenzo, the digital marketer enjoys being behind the scenes of success. She loves watching brands grow and knowing Mel The Marketer was a part of it. A lot of it is a science that she has learned with experience and research. The other part of it is creativity. Melanie The Digital Marketer says “you have to think outside the box and treat every project like your baby”.

Mel The Marketer Is Certified In The Following:
Certified Email Marketing Specialist by DigitalMarketer & Hubspot
Certified Analytics & Data Specialist By DigitalMarketer
Certified In Local SEO By LinkedIn
Certified Optimization & Testing Specialist By DigitalMarketer
Certified Search Marketing Specialist By DigitalMarketer
Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist By DigitalMarketer
Yext Certified Professional
Google Ads Certified
Google Analytics Certified