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Michael Beas, CEO of Raver Magazine talks about the Top 3 Electronic Dance Music Festivals to Attend in 2020.



Michael Beas, CEO and Founder of Raver Magazine one of the largest dance music magazines in the world that connects music with music lovers from all over the world stat down with us today to discuss his top list of 2020 for EDM Dance Music Festivals. This is what he shared up with us.

What are some of the top music festivals that you would recommend others to attend in 2020?

All festivals have their own vibe. It is so hard to make a list that would fit everyone’s own individual vibe. Music festivals to me are an incredible way for people from all walks of life to connect with others. Event owners are brilliant when it comes to making that experience possible for all of us to be a part of. They all have their own vision, their own story that they want us as a Rave community to experience.

That being said, for myself personally its all about the vibe and that experience.

If I had to pick a few that I have attended in the past I would say that Glenn and Madeline Goodhand’s, Imagine Music Festival in Georgia is amazing, Adam Russakoff’s Ultra Music Festival this year back at Bayfront Park in 2020 will be massive. Pasquale Rotella and Electric Daisy Carnival is always a musical symphony that should be one everyone’s agenda in 2020. Also Amsterdam Dance Event and Amsterdam Music Festival is one of the top experiences from all time.

This year, Kristine Kennedy and I are planning on heading overseas to check out Tomorrowland in Belgium. For me personally this is one of the festivals that I have personally wanted to attend and I am hoping that the vibe can live up to the hype those in the industry have spoken about.

Can any producer or musician send you and Raver Magazine a music submission?

Yes. We are looking always for new music. We don’t focus so much on the clout that an artist has but rather the quality of music they have created and how that music can connect with the true rave family. For music submissions you can send them over to me personally at

There are thousands of dance music publications in the world today, what makes Raver Magazine different?

The leaders in the industry are all unique in their own way. Not sure if that makes us different or better because this industry isn’t about who is better or worse but rather about the music. My goal has always been to promote good music and connect that music to those who are in it for the love of music.

I know that through the years we have grown and connected with so many music lovers and artists alike. I hope that they keep checking in for the latest news by someone who loves music just as much as they do some of the other publications that they read.

In conclusion, Michael Beas is one of the leading experts in dance music. He has interviewed Grammy award winning artists the likes of Cedric Gervais, CID, Sander van Doorn, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Nicky Romero, the legendary musician and rapper ICE – T and so many more. He has also written over 900 articles pertaining to electronic dance music and we are grateful that he took the time to chat with us today.

You can follow Michael Beas on Instagram by visiting him at @BeasMichael and you can check his interviews by visiting