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Mohammad ALJASEM, Bahrain’s Top Lawyer Tells His Story



Mohammad Aljasem is one of the top culprits and civil Lawyers in Kuwait. Mohammad Aljasem did his scale in Law & Police knowledge’s from Dubai Police Academy, UAE after pursuing law besides he did his Master’s Degree in criminal law from Gulf University, LLM Degree Bahrain.

As a technical officer, he served for 3 years in International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) in France. Working as an investigation officer at the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait for further than 11 times, he worked on over cases. Mohammad Aljasem did his certification in “INTERPOL Certified Expert Programme from International Law Enforcement Cooperation”

As a legal adviser, he worked for The General Authority of Sport for 1-2 years for Alsaratlg. He’s not only a lawyer and legal adviser but also the creator of three companies. He’s CEO and founder of, The Company is innovated in 2015, and it’s a Kuwait- grounded global IT development solutions provider company. He’s CEO and creator of, The Company was established in 2016, and provides medical home care services. The third company which he has begun is Mohammad ALJASEM Law Firm & Legal Consulting Group in 2016. Mohammad ALJASEM Law and Legal Consulting Firm is one of Kuwait’s most estimable enterprises for legal services. He has major experience as a lawyer and legal adviser. Presently, he’s rehearsing as a lawyer in Kuwait Court.

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