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Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Bollywood, Telugu Movies Download – MovieRulz 2020



We all like to watch movies, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be more fun if you are told about the resources from where you can watch free movies online? Well yeah, most of us are into free movies with HD quality, and for that, we mostly head towards websites like MovieRulz.

Here, in this article, you are going to read about various websites that are like MovieRulz with the almost same content – that has Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bollywood movies.

All the sites mentioned here can be watched online through streaming and downloads (for future watch). For these movies, you are not supposed to even pay a penny which makes them even a better source of entertainment.

Remember the time when we had to go through a whole plan and procedure to watch movies? We had to plan which movie to watch, then we had to go to the shop to rent CD or DVD, and after both the steps we had to watch it in a hurry because we were charged double for returning CD/DVD late?

Honestly, that hassle used to consume energy and kill entertainment. But now, it is not the case. You can easily download what you want to watch and that too without spending money. It is mainly because technology has elevated to a massive degree. Everyone possesses smartphones and gadgets for the best watch. For the internet, JIO has made a trend of using the internet whenever and howsoever one deems fit.

All these aspects made movie sites like MovieRulz on the surface. The best feature of sites similar to MovieRulz is that they are legal and doesn’t contain illegal content. Another unique feature that makes MovieRulz popular is that movies are uploaded several times before their actual release in cinemas. Even though these movies are mainly pirated, they have gained popularity on MovieRulz and alternative sites.

Along with that, movie sites like MovieRulz have TV shows and MP3 songs for free. Google has repeatedly removed the site MovieRulz but it comes back with different names. In short, free content never ceased to entertain users. One last thing that you would like to know about websites like MovieRulz is that it contains dubbed movies as well.

New Domains of MovieRulz in 2019

Enlisted below are the domains of MovieRulz that happened to be launched in the year 2019.

  1. MovieRulz.hp
  5. MovieRulz.ce
  7. MovieRulz.vt
  8. MovieRulz.pc
  10. MovieRulz.hs
  13. MovieRulz.pc
  14. MovieRulz.vpn
  15. MovieRulz.pic

As mentioned above Google has put the website down many times. That has made the people who run the website very nasty. What they have done is that the moment Google puts the website down, they buy new domain and get the website running. That’s how content is still being watched, it is still uploaded, and it is still live. Also, it is worthwhile to note that entertainment sites like MovieRulz are scrutinized by high authorities (including government), sites were banned and then removed for a couple of reasons. That is the point when the web admins came up with Telegram channel – a hub for free downloadable movies.

Further Information on MovieRulz

When people say that it is a legal website, then they are absolutely wrong. The reason being, MovieRulz is known as a pirated movie for the year 2019. Here, on this website user is motivated to download free of cost content in the preferred format. It means that you can easily download 300 MB movie without any issue on full HD version, MP4, and partial HD version.

Besides that, here you get to find information about the actors and actresses who performed in certain movies. Screenshots are there to make the user determine if the movie they are about to watch is worthwhile or not. In addition to all these, the direction is half-angled. Moreover, movie categories are maintained that definitely help in bringing comfortability in the downloads of the movie. That also helps in navigating the favorite movies.

Despite all these features, you still have to be very careful while downloading movies from MovieRulz. Reason being, it has high potential to corrupt the device you use. How does that happen? Well, it is by downloading different movies with corrupt files. That makes the device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) slow. Possibility of getting data in the device stolen too.

If you use this website, you can be sentenced and put behind bars (jail). The reason that we have here is based on the surveillance of the government. As mentioned above it is a prohibited site and anyone who watches movies or downloads movies from this particular site is taken notice. Therefore, it is a must to know that using the appropriate website for entertainment purposes is highly recommended.

Why Downloading Movies from MovieRulz is Dangerous?

Here are some of the main reasons which make the website use highly risky and dangerous.

First of all, MovieRulz is a pirated website (unlike what is mentioned at the start of the article). That means, data and content in here are mostly stolen. Since it is a website based on illegal content, you must know that it is scrutinized by the government. Once you are caught using this website, you can be jailed.

Secondly, there are too many advertisements, like way too many! Commercials and advertisements cease the actual fun and entertainment one wants to experience.

Last but not least, it has the potential to corrupt the device because of the auto software that is installed.


This is a post for all those who watch content on such websites. You can say, it is a warning post through which we want our audience to know that such websites should never be promoted. We have a humble request in this context – beware of similar websites and find a lawful way to watch online movies. Only adopt legal and healthy options for any sort of entertainment.