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Muneer Lyati charismatic and charmed magician-like Mechanical Engineer



An icon and a holistic impactful engineer-cum-artist dreams to change the world of automotive industry with his unique talent and creativity.

Muneer Mujahed Lyati who is a distinguished Mechanical Engineer is emerging as an icon in the modern automotive industry with his trained professionalism and creativity in the field. He is a graduate of Jeddah College of Technology, one of the most reputed tertiary institutes of Saudi Arabia. At a very young age, he has received many awards and has surmounted with the latest research in the field. He possesses all skills and expertise not only in the arena of the automotive industry but sociality, communication and management. He is influencing the field and the world with art, uniqueness and professional aptitude.



Question No. 1: Muneer Lyati you are becoming an icon in the automotive industry. People already know many things about you but how would you redefine yourself in the post-pandemic era?

Muneer Lyati: I am honoured to you and the people who love me around the country and the world. I am a simple human being like others. But to me, my commitment and vision and most importantly the continuous struggle to achieve that vision is something that creates the difference between me and you can say others. I am a Mechanical Engineer born in Saudi Arabia and brought up in Mecca. I graduated from Jeddah College of Technology in 2016. Due hard work and consistency and adoption of modern skillsets prove quite effective in my professional enhancement and life as well. I always believe in the true and honest manifestation of my skills. I enjoy my work that most people don’t. My creativity and out-of-box thinking ability make me the worth of what I am today.

Question No. 2: Talking about your skills, I would say you have the most influential managerial and communicative skills. How did you come to have it?

Muneer Lyati: To me communication and management are two fundamental skills of modern human advancement. Communication is understanding others. By others, I mean people and the marketplace. I communicate according to the need of people and the environment. And management is doubtlessly a key to the fulfilment of those dreams that one sees to achieve greater goals and objectives. I have worked as the secretary of the Engineering Student Association during my graduation where I performed many responsibilities and got a better understanding of managing things and communicating with others. I had the responsibility of noting down the minutes of the meeting. I have attended many training sessions like English Courses, firefighting and computing. I would say that it was a systematic program that nurtured me a lot in dealing with people and works effectively.

Question No. 3: Lyati could you please tell us about your research work in the automotive industry?

Muneer Lyati:

I have worked with numerous reputed companies in Saudi Arabia like the Artificial Intelligence Jazeera Vehicles Company. Working with such widely recognized organizations have produced a unique talent in me. It has helped me to handle any sort of pressure situation and problematic condition. It was not only working with that corporation but overall my research on myself for professional development and career development.

I learnt excellent management skills and technological skills. Now, I can perform many complicated works like IT works, nexus of IT and automotive work. Especially, how to diagram a vehicle technologically in an impressive way. I have written many books on the subject. “A layman’s Guide to Automobile Maintenance” is the first book that is published. In this, I have mentioned in detail how a common man takes care of his or her vehicle and a lot more that is very informative to the readers.

Question No. 4: what do you think is the future of the automotive industry and do think the people will adopt it?

Muneer Lyati: Today’s economies are dramatically changing, triggered by development in emerging markets, the accelerated rise of new technologies, sustainability policies, and changing consumer preferences around ownership. Digitization, increasing automation, and new business models have revolutionized other industries, and automotive will be no exception. These forces are giving rise to four disruptive technology-driven trends in the automotive sector: diverse mobility, autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity. And yes! People will adapt and embrace it because that will be total facility-based activity and so much human and environment friendly. After all, people want facility so I strongly believe they will not hesitate to adopt it.

Question No. 5: Tell us few highlights of your achievements?

Muneer Lyati: I have achieved a science award by working in the automotive industry. I have attended many skill development courses that have enhanced my working abilities. I have worked as I mentioned earlier with many prestigious organizations. I have written down two books in the field of the automotive industry. And since, I have been working as a trainer and supervisor in many vocational institutes and programs.

Question No. 6: How can you help humanity by creating hybrid and energy-efficient vehicles?

Muneer Lyati: hybrid electric vehicles can save fuel because they run on electricity rather than gasoline, but traditional automobiles waste a lot of it. This will result in the conservation of natural resources and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Question No. 7: Tell us precisely about your vision.

Muneer Lyati: I always wanted to create engines that people could buy without being feared of quality and compromise of any sort. I want people true satisfaction by providing them with a vehicle or engine that is effective, environment-friendly and cost-efficient. My vision is to empower people with the help of the most beautiful automotive engines. We all notice that humans are not equal socially, financially and economically. What I can do to my part is to unburden them with engines that drive them safely to the workplace and home and this all is let me say total cost-efficient. This is my goal in life.

A magical and artistic Engineer who balances all his technical, social, communicative, managerial and quality enhancement skills with dreams aiming to impact the global automotive scenario and facilitation of humans beings holistically. Many eyes are fixed on him that he thinks is a responsibility on him to meet the global expectations. Muneer Lyati has a talent and vision and he carries it forward with continuous struggle. He is one of the best speakers who can genuinely motivate to perform extraordinary work. Most influential person and a great mind. What he said is not too far to attain. Moreover, he can be accessed at