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Must Known Objectives of Digital advertising for your business



The objectives in advertising over time have been adapting to new technologies if before the king of advertising was television today is going to the background since the millennial generation increasingly consume fewer hours of television, but we are more connected to social networks and the Internet. And we could even say that the video is becoming the format that is most consumed and has more scope, it is also the format with the highest and cheapest engagement today.

Internet advertising

The Internet has changed the way companies promote or advertise their brand or products. Hype well an advertising company, currently have many means to be able to do digital advertising: through blogs, emails, SMS, social networks, Ad-words, etc.

Objectives in digital advertising

Today the majority of the population uses a mobile device, which is connected to the Internet and we make great use without interruption. This makes us always connected to the news and developments that happen worldwide.

Some of the factors that make most companies like hype well marketing, actively present in online advertising are:

Make our brand known: We can advertise worldwide, there are no schedules or days of the week. We can segment the campaigns according to sex, age, city, interests and a long, etc.

Low cost: If we compare it with off-line advertising it is much cheaper, CPL, CPC, CPV.

It’s easy to do: Network advertising is usually quite simple to create since we can almost always have type templates.

Knowing very specific results: One of the objectives in hype well digital marketing, is to know if our ads work well and reach our potential customers, to be able to adjust them more and more to our audience, since unlike traditional advertising there are many tools where we can calculate the exact ROI of each ad.

Direct conversions: there are several ways for a potential customer to leave his lead or make a conversion to the company. Through a purchase through the website, asking for more information about a product or service, etc.

Types of online advertising

There is a wide range of types of online advertising that companies nowadays use to develop their strategies. Some of them their digital advertising goal goes beyond and they are only advertised through this channel, leaving aside traditional advertising.

1- Ads on social networks

We could differentiate between Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads campaigns. This type of advertising is a great option, as long as we know how to choose the right social network option where our target audience is located.

It should be noted in this type of advertising the segmentation filters that allow you to reach more people with specific interests such as age, sex, studies, hobbies, tastes, job, sector where you work. It is clear that we do know the tastes, hobbies and we know your profile a bit, we have guaranteed success.

Among the different types of social media advertising, we can say that one of the most expensive is LinkedIn, while the cheapest is Instagram Stories.

2- Influencers collaborative advertising

An influencer is a person who has a certain impact on their comments or actions, usually has certain credibility on a specific topic, fashion, travel, beauty, marketing, etc. and thanks to its influence on social networks can reach a large number of people becoming a prescriber of a brand or product. This type of collaboration represents for the company:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to web pages, blog, social networks of the company
  • Increase sales.

3- Retargeting

The retargeting is a fairly common technique because it serves as a reminder to the user has previously interacted with the brand. The purpose is to promote the memory that the user of your brand has in their subsequent web browser. This is achieved by adding cookies to users to be able to impact them at the most optimal time.

4- Video advertising

Video advertising is usually one of the most powerful, since currently and according to the pace of life that we all lead, we prefer to consume pills from short videos to read. This type of advertising not only covers social networks such as YouTube or Vimeo but also covers much more, since the videos can be included in any banner, emails, social network, etc. and always with the advertising objective of taking out their respective metrics.

The video has many advantages, including:

  • Being short pills, they are attractive and concentration is not lost
  • It brings a plus to the message that is issued
  • Thanks to online video conversions are usually increased
  • Videos are usually enjoyable, close and easy to understand
  • Engagement increases in the different social networks where it is disseminated.

The objectives in digital advertising apart from reaching as many people as possible is to inform about a product, persuade to make the purchase and remember the brand so that they always buy our product again.