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New Arcade Game Chikara Releases Its Reveal Trailer



New Action Arcade game combining all that you love from the ’90s with the theatrical aptitude only found within the autonomous wrestling development CHIKARA professional. Be a part of the “CHIKARMY” and step through the ropes during this fast, arcade wrestling entertainment to superkick the excessively simulated wrestling games out of the ring! Choose from a roll of 30+ authentic CHIKARA wrestlers capital punishment their signature moves and impossible skills within the most extraordinary wrestling game ever planned. Video games centered on sport wont to be everyplace around the flip of the century, however, are an additional rarity lately. Take Two’s WWE 2K franchise gets the foremost attention and largest budget, however, some new blood is getting into the fight. Chikara: Action Arcade Wrestling was declared this morning by its developer VICO Game Studio and gets an elaborate announcement trailer to celebrate the occasion.

Based out of Philadelphia, the Chikara wrestling promotion has been around for nearly twenty years. Originally started as a wrestling school, the corporate went on to carry events for showcasing their students. The promotion is understood for its colorful assortment of characters and family-friendly atmosphere. several of the largest names in wrestling have appeared on Chikara shows over the years, as well as grayback Gargano, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, The Young bucks, and Adam Cole. New Action Arcade Game Chikara Releases Its Reveal Trailer guarantees an entire heap of sport aims to bring all the action of their live shows into cyber kind in an exceedingly new arcade-style game that may be heading to a laptop. Fans of classic wrestling games can appreciate the oversimplified controls and quick action. The sport options an art vogue that provides every grappler the looks of an animated superhero and includes many current Chikara superstars like Razerhawk, Fire Ant, Hallowicked, and Solo Darling. As several as thirty stars are going to be out there on the game’s role at launch.

The reveal trailer shows a number of the options of the sport, as well as grappler customization. Numerous forms of apparel and masks are going to be out there, every with custom colors, likewise as made-to-order move sets. Support for up to 10 wrestlers at a time is shown off, likewise as a flaming table. It’s a secure bet to assume that the classic wrestling weapons like chairs and loopy are possible to form a look.

The game is being developed by a freelance developer and relies on code discharged in 2 separate iterations of Action Arcade Wrestling for the Xbox Live Indie Games program on Xbox 360. CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling is additionally greenlit on Steam.

This version is commissioned with freelance wrestling company CHIKARA and runs in Unreal Engine four. The sport is in “very early development stages.”


  • Fun, fast arcade-style 2.5D action
  • Cel-shaded look
  • Detailed arena and wrestler edit mode
  • A straightforward 2-action-button management scheme, ideal for gamepad or keyboard
  • Hundreds of distinctive animations
  • Many different match varieties, as well as trios’ bouts
  • Realistic textile and twine physics
  • Diverse weapons choice
  • the zany and colorful solid of characters from world cult phenomenon, CHIKARA!”


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