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New Book Release from author Samantha Tamburello



From Limitless to Sweet Familiarity, the 25-year old author of 8 books ranging in poetry to children’s literature has released her most heartfelt book yet, “Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry”. Tamburello first published a book of poetry at the age of 20 while studying at Purchase College, State University of New York. 5 years later she is hopeful this new book is the one that will move mountains.

Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry is described on Amazon as “an exploration of the human psyche following trauma. It is a pandemic time capsule of processing fragile memories, wrapped up with a pretty bow in poetic structure.” In an ever-changing society where people are finally beginning to bring awareness to mental health struggles, Tamburello is confident this book adds to the repertoire of change.

Listed as “Self-Help” among other book categories, the book of poems could be beneficial for anyone hoping to connect with art that depicts trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and/or LGBTQ+ experiences. “That was truly my only wish” writes Tamburello about connecting with others. “I just want this to be the book that I needed when I was actively going through these traumatic events. Writing it has helped me begin my healing process and I hope it can be that for someone else too.”

Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry is available for purchase on Amazon. See more from this author on Instagram @samtamb and @samtambpoetry.