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New features of Instagram: How to use them for your business?



It is a fact that we must be aware of the trends, applications, and functionalities that Social Networks are implementing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are constantly evolving to generate improvements and new uses and thus captivate and expand their audience.
All these “giants” of Social Media have their advertising structures and paid or sponsored ads, and these sometimes entail high costs for startups or small businesses.
This is where the Advertising agencies or the Marketing areas must put to work all their creativity to take advantage of these tools, make them their own, convert them into means to communicate the benefits of their products or services and reach optimal market segments for their brands.

New Instagram tools for companies

Instagram is a constantly growing Social Network: it currently has more than 700 million active monthly users in the world. Its original structure, the constant innovation and the fact of basing publications on images mean that it has less competition and more committed public, in comparison with other giants of Social Networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

First things first: Set up a business account on Instagram

Start by opening an Instagram business account specific to the company, it’s very easy to do it! You just have to follow these steps:

• Download the app on your mobile device from the Apple Store or Google Play.
• If you do not have an account you can create it from the app, or log in from your corporate Facebook profile.
• Once you are in the application, you can change to “Business Mode” in the settings menu.
• Every time you have the business app you can include important information about the company to make it known and / or promote it.
If your Marketing Plan needs an update or a change of pace, or you start strategically or by conviction in this Social Network, below we share some very useful options to grow the presence of your business on Instagram.

1. The present and the future are in the Stories

Instagram Stories are a variant of interesting content and one of the biggest trends in Social Networks (in fact Facebook has also incorporated them).
These consist of uploading several photos and videos to the Stories section with the aim of generating impact since they expire after 24 hours of publication or may remain permanently in the profile. These are perfectly integrated with your strategy, giving you creative continuity or strategic integration in the rest of the contents.

2. Instagram Shopping, your sales channel

There is no doubt that Instagram knows how to read consumer buying trends perfectly. Predicting what will come in the immediate future is the key by which it manages to constantly increase its number of active users, becoming the tool most chosen by companies that want to advertise their products or services in Social Networks.
That’s why in 2018 he launched Instagram Shopping, a kind of “online retail”. Surely, in the medium term it will be an ideal tool for any company, but above all for SMEs or projects that have just started. The application has certain limitations, but its advantages are much greater. In addition, its operation is quite simple.

3. Instagram micro-influents

An Influencer in Social Media is a person who has certain credibility on a specific topic (entertainment, fashion, gastronomy, sport, maternity, Marketing, beauty, among many other areas), and because of their presence and influence in Networks, it can become in an “ambassador” for a brand.
Due to their knowledge and experience, they are considered experts to speak properly about these issues and promote products; In addition, they tend to be people with a large community and thousands of active Instagram followers.

4. Instagram Live: 60 minutes to boost your business

This is another of the tools that Instagram migrated to its platform for companies from the boom of the videos: it consists of the live broadcasting of own events to your community.
Now, with Instagram Live (previously it could only be done by Facebook Live Stream and Periscope) companies can broadcast their videos live to generate connection and interaction with their followers.

5. IGTV: the new Instagram television

Within its most recent launch package included Instagram TV (IGTV), a new service to view transmissions of up to one hour. This new functionality comes as a glove for those who believe in the effectiveness of Instagram Stories in any Online Marketing strategy.
IGTV will give you up to 60 minutes of time – before it was only 60 seconds – to promote your brand through vertical videos. It’s excellent news!
In summary: Instagram and its tools are for all types of businesses?
Of course yes! In fact, any social media platform that allows you to share something more about your business is recommended if you have an action plan behind it. Many successes with its implementation!