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NSW Guide to an Electrician, Sydney



When you’re wanting to hire an electrician, there are numerous headaches often involved with it. Whether it’s a commercial project or even one for your home (which we’ll discuss here) you want to be able to find the right electrician for your needs, and in this guide we’re going to give you some tips on what you can do in NSW to find an excellent Sydney electrician that can tackle literally any project for you. Keep reading to find out!

What’s the Most Important Thing to Look For?

First and foremost, you want to make sure your electrician is certified and insured. Electricity is a dangerous thing, and because of that, many accidents that happen when it comes to contractors is due to electricity. By making sure your electrician that you want to go with has insurance, you can make sure that if any accidents do happen, not only are they protected, but you’re protected from the liability of the injury or accident. Not only this, but it proves that they care about their work, your safety, and their own, which is an added security measure.

Licensing is a very important thing to consider as well. The more certified your electrician, the better you know their work is going to be as well. This means they’ve gone through extensive training and testing in order to prove their ability before they’re able to actually work on your house or even own their own business.

Questions to Ask Your Electrician

Aside from asking to see proof of their certification, licensing, and insurance, you need to know that there are many questions that you want to ask, no matter how reputable the electrician. The best electricians will give you any answers you need, and you need to ask some of the following questions.

Do you specialize in commercial or residential work primarily?

How much experience do you have as an electrician?

Do your subcontractors and teammates all have insurance too?

How long is the project going to take?

What all is going to need to be done?

What products do you use?

By asking all of these questions, the best electricians will be able to answer with confidence. This doesn’t mean that someone who’s new to the field isn’t going to deliver quality work, so you need to also consider this as well, but the best contractors will be honest with you about not having the experience, but having an experienced team that they work with.


When you’re looking for the best electrician in Sydney, you want to know that you’re hiring someone who can handle multiple facets of electrician work. From air conditioning and water heaters to lighting in your home, switches and electrical outlets, wiring, intercom systems, and so much more. There are also specially dedicated electricians available that are dedicated to things like refrigeration for air conditioning and ventilation system’s needs. If you’re looking for the best in all of Sydney, you may want to consider someone like Sparkyologist, found online at, in order to get the best job done possible.

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